Bared Fangs


The Earth Alliance claims that ZAFT is responsible for “the drop of Junius Seven incident” and makes an announcement to the world labeling the PLANTs as a threat. At the Alliance’s lunar base, preparations for war progress. At the meeting of the Supreme Council of PLANT, the debate becomes tangled. The mainstream opinion was to mobilize the military, but Durandal insists on negotiating for peace. But with the forthcoming attack from the Alliance, the National Defense Commission decides to mobilize ZAFT to protect the PLANTs. Meanwhile, Athrun arrives at a PLANT and asks to meet with Durandal to appeal for peace negotiations.
The Earth Alliance declares war to the PLANTs and the fleet moves forward. Yzak and Dearka’s ZAKU intercept but they realize they’re fighting decoys. A secret attack fleet of Windams fire their nuclear missiles at PLANTs. The ZAFT’s battleship, however, intercepts and fires its new weapon, the Neutron Stampeder. The PLANTs were able to survive their utmost crisis.
Meanwhile, as Athrun was waiting for Durandal, he is suddenly hugged by a lookalike Lacus. Athrun remains confused after she leaves as Durandal appears at last.