Lacus hijacked a shuttle and joined with the battleship Eternal that was hidden in an asteroid. Durandal receives this report and orders to investigate her as a fake Lacus. He then recounts the past in his dark office. Mirage of Rau Le Creuset and a young Rey appear before him. Durandal quietly asks the mirage Rau. Like how Kira, Athrun, and Lacus met, if people are led by destiny, what is the point of struggling to live?
Young Talia had left Durandal because she wanted to have children. The decision was inevitable and they both accepted it. But, he wonders if what he really wanted was in the path he has not chosen. Durandal wonders when the mirage Rau answers in laughter. “We have no choice but to always move forward to the unexpected future.” Durandal vows to change it, to change everything, if there is no way to return to the past.