Freedom and Justice


Orb is in crisis, and the Archangel scramble. Murrue releases Neo and gives him the Sky Grasper. Athrun, not fully recovered, is in the bridge and tries to convince Meyrin to get off the ship before the battle with ZAFT starts. But she chooses to stay with Athrun.
Meanwhile, off the coast of Onogoro Island, Cagalli and the Murasame units fight bravely in an effort to stop Destiny Gundam. But Shin’s frenzy attack approaches the cockpit of Akatsuki Gundam. Just then, Kira’s Strike Freedom Gundam returns from space and saves Cagalli in the nick of time.
Kira tells Cagalli to leave because he will handle Shin and clash with Destiny, starting to fight against the Minerva. Neo’s Sky Grasper sides with the Archangel. Seeing that the odds are against the ZAFT, Rey orders Shin to temporarily retreat. Cagalli makes it to the National Defense Headquarters and succeeds in finally reorganizing the Orb’s forces. But the whereabouts of Djibril remain unknown. Destiny and Legend Gundam complete their re-supply and sortie again. The situation is in a state approaching chaos.
In the meantime, Athrun is in an emotional turmoil looking at the Infinite Justice Gundam which Lacus prepared for him. Lacus tells him that Kira wanted to give him Infinite Justice because the worst thing of all, is not being able to do anything when you want to do something. Athrun takes his friend’s words to heart and chooses to fight by his own free will.