Metal Build reaches new peaks December 28th with the Metal Build Destiny Gundam!

■ Metal Build Destiny Gundam  Price: ¥17,850 / Date: Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Metal Build series combines Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite know-how, original styling, modern queues, and the ultimate toy quality in its release of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY’s Destiny Gundam.

Its iconic wings furl and unfurl, coupling their original balanced proportions with new internal mechanisms. Its body is well-jointed, allowing for natural weapon brandishes and more.
Weapons like the long-range beam cannon and Arondight beam sword have their own opening/extending features as well. The clean, cohesive design is every inch a weapon of war.

▲ The long-range beam cannon (top) and Arondight beam saber (bottom) open up for use.

The project, overseen by Satoshi Shigeta, was planned by W of Skull Five, directed by Yoichi Sakamoto of Wing Inc.’s Chemical Attack team, designed by mechanical illustrator Koma, and features a color scheme coordinated by Hiroyuki Hirose of Deco Mas Lab. Take home the newest evolution of the Metal Build series for yourself!

[Set contents]
Figure / high-energy beam rifle / anti-beam shield / Arondight beam sword / high-energy long-range beam cannon / beam effect parts / alternate manipulator set / stand attachment joint / custom stand

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