Resurrected Wings


Thanks to Shin’s effort, the Minerva is out of crisis and takes course toward Carpentaria. Meanwhile, Yuuna appears in front of Cagalli, who is lost in deep thought, and urge her to marry him. Yuuna says that with the current unstable situation, their marriage will help bring the country together. And Athrun and Kira are Coordinators, and they live in a different world than her who is to become the mother of the country. At his words, Cagalli becomes lost in thought.
Around that time, Kira and the others were also about to make a decision. If Orb and the Atlantic Federation conclude their alliance, Kira, who is a Coordinator, would have to leave Orb.
At night, a special ops squad of Coordinators assault Kira’s house. Their mission is to assassinate Lacus. Kira and the others evacuate into the underground shelter, but the amphibious MS ASH’s firepower destroys the outer wall of the shelter.
The ASH squad begins to bombard the shelter…just as a white unit suddenly appears and wiped out the ASH units in the blink of an eye.
Bathed in the light of dawn emerges Freedom Gundam, released from its concealment. In the cockpit sits Kira, whose eyes show strong determination.