Scars That Won’t Heal


The Minerva receives an urgent message as they survive a fierce fight against Girty Lue. It was by far, gravely bad news. Junius Seven, which is the land of the cease-fire treaty and the stage of Bloody Valentine tragedy, has moved out of a stable orbit and begun to descend toward Earth.
Given the seriousness of the situation, PLANT dispatches a crushing team led by Yzak Joule, and the Minerva follows soon after. Around the same time, the Earth also detect the movement of Junius Seven. Taking advantage of this situation, Blue Cosmos, with its new leader Lord Djibril, scheme their next move.
  Yzak’s team arrives at the scene and immediately start to deploy Meteor Breaker equipment to destroy the remains of Junius Seven.
Just then, mysterious GINN units suddenly attack the working team. It seems that this phenomenon was artificially induced.
The Minerva deploy MS units to assist the working team.
Among them was Athrun Zala, who volunteered to help.