The End of the World


Yzak’s team, which rushed to the scene to destroy the descending Junius Seven, was attacked by a mysterious group of GINNs. This accident occurred on purpose. Shin, Rey, Lunamaria, and Athrun launch from the Minerva to protect the working team, and then joining with Yzak, engage the terrorists.
But then Girty Lue, that was thought to have fled, intervene. Chaos Gundam, Abyss Gundam, and Gaia Gundam join the fight and the battle falls to chaos. Athrun and Yzak overwhelm the enemy in battle. Shin watches dumbstruck at their abilities. The warriors of Jachin Due are alive and well.
Thanks to their effort, the working units install the meteor breakers and Junius Seven begin to break into pieces. The pieces, however, are still large, and the Minerva decides to enter the atmosphere in order to further break them.
  In the meantime, Athrun and Shin also decide and try to activate the remaining Meteor Breakers. But the terrorists attempt a suicide attack to stop them.
The terrorists were those who lost their family in Bloody Valentine and lived in the spirit of Patrick Zala’s vision. Shin is attacked by suicidal men in the same situation as his. Athrun is met with people who agree with his late father with their lives.
The two descend into the atmosphere, shocked and confused.