The Last Power


The Archangel and the Eternal continue to attack the Messiah. But the Messiah is equipped with a shield that protects the whole fortress from beam weapons. And in the meantime, Requiem continues its recharge. Kira and Lacus are afraid that Orb would be the next target, so Kira tells the Archangel to go on ahead. Athrun and the Archangel rush to the Requiem. Athrun jumps in among the confused fight between the remaining fleet of ZAFT and Orb. But the Minerva and Impulse Gundam block the way. Lunamaria attacks Athrun and he reluctantly fights back. Shin rushes to the scene and attacks Athrun enraged. But Shin becomes upset and confused by Athrun’s words. Impulse Gundam tries to stop the fight and steps in between them, and Shin is about to strike Impulse Gundam. In the nick of time, Athrun saves Lunamaria and explodes in rage toward Shin who is still trapped in his past. Athrun overwhelms Destiny Gundam in an instant. After he disables Destiny Gundam, he turns to assist the Archangel. The seriously damaged Destiny crashes into the Moon’s surface, and the Minerva, also disabled, crash-lands into the Moon as well. Shin regains consciousness and begins to cry like a child in Lunamaria’s arms, who hugs him gently.
  Around the same time, Rey was calling himself Rau Le Creuset and fighting in close quarters with Kira, but Rey was caught off guard and was also defeated. Durandal learns that he has lost both the Legend Gundam and Destiny Gundam. With Orb forces centered near one of Requiem’s relay stations, Durandal orders that Neo GENESIS be fired at them. And then immediately activates Requiem for re-charge… but thanks to Neo and Athrun work, Requiem is destroyed and a pillar of fire rises. They were able to prevent the worst-case scenario. Strike Freedom Gundam equipped with METEOR, finally destroys the shield system of the Messiah. Followed by an all-out attack, the Messiah quiets down. Talia enters Durandal’s damaged chamber and watch Durandal and Kira holding their guns to each other. And Rey is secretly trying to shoot Kira. But Kira’s words take hold of Rey’s heart and he shoots Durandal by reflex. Talia rushes to the dying Durandal and tells Kira to escape, then calls Rey beside her. As the three huddle together like a family, the Messiah burns down and crumbles. And staring at its burning light, those who survived think about the turbulent future ahead.