The Place of Sin


When you look from Kira’s standpoint where Lacus was nearly assassinated, Durandal and ZAFT is certainly suspicious. But Athrun still trusts Durandal despite this. Telling Kira and Cagalli to stop Orb from getting involved in the war, Athrun returns to the Minerva. Whatever the circumstances, Heine’s death was caused by Kira, and Athrun could not tolerate listening to Kira’s sugarcoated words.
Meanwhile, the Minerva receives an emergency message from Shin and hurries to the facility. After taking in the hysteric Rey, Shin and the other crews re-enter the building and discover numerous strange looking equipments and many corpses of research staffs and children. This facility was the Alliance’s laboratory where they secretly developed “Extended” human beings. Shin trembles in rage realizing that the experiments were conducted on children.
In the meantime, Neo is informed that the Minerva is investigating the lab. Hearing about their old home’s crisis, Auel begins to panic. He also mentions Stella’s block word, die, and Stella runs amok. She takes off in Gaia Gundam and heads to the lab alone. Shin and Athrun intercept the lone Gaia Gundam. Finally they capture the pilot and Shin is shocked to see Stella.