Thunder in the Dark


Shin and Rey pursue Athrun who escaped from Gibraltar. Hearing that Meyrin (who is an intelligence expert) is with Athrun, Durandal grants Rey permission to shoot them for security reasons. Talia protests but Durandal turns a deaf ear. Meanwhile, Shin is puzzled by the sudden order to shoot Athrun down. Rey persuades him and they both fight and corner Athrun and Meyrin’s GOUF. Athrun desperately tries to convince Shin, but his words are altered by Rey and does not reach Shin. Shin, as if to shake off his doubts in his mind, shoots down Athrun and Meyrin’s GOUF as “traitors.”
The truth is buried in the darkness, and the crew of the Minerva hear Athrun and Meyrin’s betrayal and death at the same time. But of course Talia and Lunamaria do not believe this and everyone is shaken by this incident. Shin hugs the crying Lunamaria and expresses his regret that it has come to this.
Meanwhile, Durandal sends an ultimatum to Heaven’s Base and demand to hand over Djibril and any other LOGOS members, and to surrender and disarm. The Archangel and the Eternal hear this transmission, and the atmosphere become tense.