The Archangel rendezvous with the Eternal and sortie to destroy the primary relay station, colony station one, which is the cornerstone of Requiem. The majority of ZAFT lunar fleet moves to intercept them, but Lacus announces that Requiem is a genocide weapon unnecessary to the human world and confidently declares that she will destroy it. Realizing the righteousness of her words and her assertive attitude on the matter, the ZAFT’s soldiers fall out of step. Meanwhile, Shin and Rey head to the mobile space fortress Messiah on Destiny and Legend Gundam. Durandal meets them and accuses Lacus’s action as “an act to close the path to peace.” While Shin feels uncomfortable by Rey’s agreeing words, he shakes off his doubts and renew his determination to fight against Lacus…in order to break the chain of hatred.
  The Minerva promptly arrives to the battlefield and clash with the Archangel to settle their long standing feud. Meanwhile, Kira and Athrun, with the help of Yzak and Dearka, succeed in finally destroying station one. They are about to move to join the Orb main fleet attacking the Daedalus base, when suddenly Messiah appears over the horizon and fires Neo GENESIS, annihilating the main fleet with a single blow. Destiny and Legend Gundam approach from the front and the Minerva approach from the rear. Kira and the others must fight to find a way to stay alive in this worst situation.