Unfulfilled Feelings


Lacus successfully joins the Eternal which is disguised as an asteroid. Durandal orders to track Lacus down insisting that she is the fake. Aboard the Minerva, Lunamaria, who was secretly monitoring the meeting of Athrun and Kira, hands in her report data to Talia. But she cannot bring herself to report about Lacus being fake and that somebody tried to kill the real Lacus. Meanwhile, Stella’s condition is deteriorating due to her being an Extended human and cannot be treated in the normal way. Shin can do nothing but grind his teeth and watch.
Neo is given a strict order from Lord Jibril to track and destroy the Minerva, and he is about to present a united front with Orb again. As originally planned, the Minerva departs for Gibraltar, and Neo plans to ambush them near Crete.
Perceiving their movements, debates arise again inside the Archangel including Miriaria who has joined them. Orb will sink if they do nothing. But if they fight, it means to fight against Athrun. Cagalli frets over the situation, but motivated by Kira’s words, decides to head out to the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Minerva has already clashed with the Orb forces.