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January 23, 2019

Commentary From Original Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino Regarding Next Winter's Release of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash" Has Arrived!

Teaser trailer and staff list, advance ticket sales information also released!

Commentary has arrived today, January 23, 2019 (Wed) from the original creator of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash".


This work from the creator of "Gundam", Director Yoshiyuki Tomino, is based on the novel of the same name published in 1989, and will be a newly animated theatrical trilogy, releasing next winter.


I Expect Much from the Film Adaptation

Original Creator:Yoshiyuki Tomino

Regarding the film adaptation of the novels written 30 years ago, as the author I am pleased. I was amazed at the news, and hearing it will be a trilogy. From the production group, I heard that this work's theme is necessary for the present age, so I decided to check the contents again. And I was shocked once again.


The current world has not advanced, in fact it may have regressed. That's why, thanks to the Gundam fans who opened the path on which this work was able to be created, today, this work's theme has meaning in exposing reality.


I want to express my appreciation towards everyone who has supported this series.


At the same time, to each and every one, the hope of this work's message is that the next generation will be able to come up with a solution to address these issues that are brought up.


That is to say, the Gundam fan generation that has become adults, the strength of fans alone is unable to overcome the feelings of obstacles and withdrawal of realism, and I have entrusted this work to convey that realization.


Anime doesn't have to be realistic, but if it is a publicly released movie, it could resonate more with a wider, younger audience, and that would be good.


As the production generation is younger, and the audience who enjoys the work is younger still, that means the future generations, I believe someday a path will open to where humans will experience great change -- become as a newtype.