All The Things She Said ~All You Need is What I say

“Picnic Zero One to Zero Three, Zero Niner! We're recovering formation! Send in your coordinates.”

The Force leader’s orders had become shouts. But no one replied. This meant that most of the other members were shot down.

“Force Picnic, three units remaining! How are the others?”

“Force Faithful Dog, four units remaining!”

“Dawn of Hope! Three units remaining! Damn it!”

Cries for mercy came in through the transmissions from the other Forces. They were all in the same situation. There were over 50 Gunplas at the beginning of the battle, but there were less than half left.

All because of a single Qubeley.

But now it was the Qubeley’s turn to be hunted down. The Gunpla battle originally began as a battle royale, but the remaining members of each Force who were fighting each other to see who was the strongest, bonded out of desperation to take down their demonic common enemy.

The battlefield resembled a ruined city. Skyscrapers which were once a symbol of prosperity had toppled over and tangled in a complex configuration. The ominously customized Qubeley scurried through the gigantic maze of rubble, receiving heavy fire from the Gunplas which teamed up to defeat it.

It came to a dead end at a dome-shaped baseball stadium.

“I’ve gathered too much attention.”

The Qubeley looked back. One of the Divers in a Freedom Gundam smirked and said, as though representing the group of Gunplas, “I admire your courage to ride into a battle royale Force fight alone…but this is the end.”

The Diver seemed triumphant, and the Freedom Gundam prepared to fire its Balaena Plasma Beam Cannons, Xiphias Railguns, and Lupus High-energy Beam Rifle to clear itself of its humiliation.

“Who said I was alone?”

A cute voice came from the Qubeley.

“...A girl?!” The pilot of the Freedom Gundam was startled, before gradually understanding what she meant.

“Are you saying that you have allies?!”

The next moment, a beam punctured the Freedom Gundam’s torso. The Gunplas around it were also shot down one by one.


An ear-shattering warning was given to the Gunplas that pursued the Qubeley and tried to hide. However, the beams from a Beam Rifle precisely destroyed the fleeing Gunplas with astounding precision. But its sharp aim wasn’t its only surprising feature. The immense power of the sniper rifle itself was breathtaking. A Zaku Cannon, a GN-X III, a Geara Doga, and many more Gunplas which were hiding behind the broken skyscrapers were impaled by beams.

One of the Divers directed its Sazabi’s mono-eye toward the line of fire and zoomed in as far as it could. Far off into the distance on the observation deck of a radio tower, a sharply customized MS with a rifle no one had ever seen before was kneeling. It was a silver grayー

“A Hyaku-Shiki!”

The barrel of the rifle instantly turned to the direction of the mono-eye, fired it, and hit its target.
Its pilot screamed and the Sazabi was flung backward.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

One of the few remaining Divers shouted out.

“We’re all gonna die if we stay here!”

The remaining Gunplas all headed toward the only path of escape which was the same route they used to get to their current location, but then they saw that the Qubeley had repositioned itself and was standing in front of them among all of the chaos.

“And you thought I’d let you go? It’s such a pain to pick you guys off one by one, so I decided to gather you in one place.”

“She lured us here?”

The Qubeley’s sharp nails mercilessly dug into the bewildered Gunplas. The ones which barely managed to crawl away and survive were ruthlessly picked off by the Hyaku-Shiki’s shots.

Moments after...

“But there were over 50…They were all destroyed by the Qubeley and Hyaku-Shiki. Only two Mobile Suits, in under five minutes...”

The final Diver let out a cry of defeat.

The Diver in the Qubeley laughed playfully witnessing the devastation and destruction, as though she was watching a clown perform.

The Hyaku-Shiki flew over and landed right next to her.

“This is so boring...” spat the Diver with a lollipop in her mouth inside the cockpit of the Hyaku-Shiki, which was filled with a sweet scent. The Diver had a beautiful face despite her rude tone.

“Oh, Markie, a lady mustn’t say such things.”

“Your cutesy way of talking is making me sick, NOZ.”

NOZ giggled at the retort. She then began picking up the remains of the Gunplas lying around and began ripping off the parts from each of their articulated sections. The Hyaku-Shiki followed suit.

The Gunplas were destroyed right before they faded away from GBN. The process of ripping away the joints of each Gunpla took twice as much time compared to how long it took to destroy them. NOZ gritted her teeth when she ripped off the right leg of the last remaining Gunpla, a Jesta, with her Qubeley.

“Don’t tell me that we went through all these Gunplas, and we still can’t find it!”

She threw the leg with all her might.

“Screw this! Where is that Golden Poly-cap?!”

NOZ suddenly shrieked with rage, released a funnel high into the air to show her anger, and fired it at the remains of the Gunplas scattered on the ground. The Hyaku-Shiki and Qubeley turned their backs on the explosion behind them.

“Now that’s the NOZ I know.”

Markie smiled in the cockpit of the Hyaku-Shiki.