2018.05.08 (TUE)

A Zabi Family Gathering! The “Rise of the Red Comet” Screening Commemorative Stage Greetings Report

Voice actors that voice the Zabi Family appeared at the event! General Director Yasuhiko and Producer Taniguchi also appeared on stage!


During the screening of Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN: Rise of the Red Comet, which finally began screening at 35 theaters nationwide, the “Screening Commemorative Second Day Stage Greetings” were held at two locations in Tokyo and Kanagawa on May 6th(Sun). Mr. Shuichi Ikeda, voice of Char Aznable, Mr. Jin Urayama, voice of Degwin Sodo Zabi, Mr. Banjo Ginga, voice of Gihren Zabi, Mr. Kenta Miyake, voice of Dozle Zabi, Ms. Akeno Watanabe, voice of Kycilia Zabi, and Mr. Tetsuya Kakihara, voice of Garma Zabi, appeared as guests for the stage greeting. General Director Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Producer Osamu Taniguchi also appeared on stage. 


We at infiltrated the stage greeting event that took place at Shinjuku Piccadilly in Tokyo, so let’s go into a report on the state of the event.  



Mr. Miyake brought along and introduced a photo of Sasro Zabi, who was unable to make it to the event, as the stage greetings consisted of a full line-up of the Zabi Family voice actors. The audience were also overwhelmed by the fact that the entirety of this wonderful cast had gathered together. 


Director Yasuhiko began the event with, “Like an ending dream, it feels as if time had passed quickly. We created this animation series that is a little over 6 hours in about 4 years. I had thought that I would feel more frazzled, however, we had been supported by everyone around us and were able to have happy times. Thank you very much,” and revealed his inner thoughts on the conclusion of THE ORIGIN.


As this was Mr. Urayama’s, voice of Degwin, first appearance at a THE ORIGINstage greeting event, he commented on acting as his character, “I was told by Mr. Yasuhiko that, ‘The character Degwin Zabi is not a villain. Rather, he is a good human being.’ I voiced my character while keeping these words in mind.”

Mr. Ginga, voice of Gihren, spoke about the fact that the Zabi Family had been gathered, “The faces of my father and brothers are refreshing. I shouldered the burden of being the only person with an old aura (as one of the original voice actors) in this remake, however, I am here with very fresh feelings.”


Mr. Miyake happily revealed, “I feel inspired to be lined up like this. I’m extremely happy.” Ms. Watanabe said with a smile, “The fact that we were unable to easily gather for recordings is, on the contrary, quite like the Zabi Family. But, I am very happy to be gathered like this today.”


Mr. Kakihara, voice of Garma, commented, “To be standing on stage with my Father and my brother Gihren and to have acted as the Zabi Family alongside Mr. Miyake, who I have gotten along well with since my 20s, and Akeno in the Gundam series that I admired is like a dream. I feel inspired.”


When asked about any profound lines that are memorable in episode 6, Mr. Ikeda replied, “Char’s final lines are deeply moving. It really felt like this was the start of the drama that is the One Year War.”


They were then asked about lines that they wanted to try saying outside of the characters they have acted. Mr. Ginga answered, “Because he was spoiled brat.” Mr. Ikeda then commented regarding this line, “That line is one that came to life thanks to Mr. Ginga’s fervent speech, so I thank you very much for that.” This resulted in laughter to be heard from the audience.


General Director Yasuhiko commented on his thoughts upon looking back on the series, “Episode 6 leads to the first Gundam, does it not? I believe that there are likely no Gundam fans that won’t want to watch Mobile Suit Gundamafter seeing this series.”


Producer Taniguchi spoke about past memories, “Standing on the same stage with everyone like this, it makes me remember the time of the auditions. To be able to make it this far after a long period is, I believe, a culmination of those auditions.”


Mr. Ikeda also revealed his inner feelings, “I was quite pressured with THE ORIGINseries. There were several lines that I had to voice for the first time and it was a work that once more made me nervous.”


Lastly, a brief comment was made by Mr. Ikeda as the representative of the guests. The stage greetings then came to an end with a chorus of “Sieg Zeon!” shouted by the audience and the guests. 




Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable)

It is due to everyone here today that we were able to reach the final chapter of THE ORIGIN. I would be happy if we were able to leave behind something, anything, in the hearts of everyone through these six episodes. Although these three, four years had gone by in a flash, this series called THE ORIGINhas become a treasure to me. I hope to be able to see everyone again. Thank you very much for today. 


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