October 09, 2018

Harutoshi Fukui and Daisuke Namikawa Appear! "AFFT2018" Mobile Suit Gundam UC Screening Report

A discussion about "Mobile Suit Gundam NT", including behind the scenes stories!

At "Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2018 (AFFT2018)", a screening event at Shinjuku Piccadilly 1 was held October 6, 2018 (Sat.) of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC".


At the event screening, episode EX "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and episode 7 "Over the Rainbow" were shown, in addition to a talk show. Screenwriter Harutoshi Fukui and Daisuke Namikawa who voices Riddhe Marcenas appeared, and in addition to behind the scenes information, they talked about "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" as well.


To begin with, when asked about his impressions reflecting upon the final episode, Fukui replied "I ended up crying. (At the time) I remembered stuff like how things were back then, especially around the part where Marida dies..." Compared to that, Namikawa said, "I also saw it for the first time in awhile, it was so terrible. That blonde hair on the black gundam..." Laughter rose up from the crowd.


When asked about Riddhe's character, "The one who realized that the newly awakened Newtype Banagher can't die was probably Riddhe" (Fukui), "There's a part of humanity in it, it was a fulfilling role" (Namikawa) said each person. Regarding the commitment to performance, "The sound director re-recorded a particular scene many times until it was just right" (Fukui), "During the scene where Riddhe is bending over limp, while being seated I spoke at that same angle with my body." (Namikawa) are the stories that pop out about the recording studio.


When asked about "NT", writer Fukui replied "The world view is connected, but it is a separate work from "UC"." Director Yoshizawa said that viewers will find it nostalgic with a production direction similar to Yoshiyuki Tomino's. "NT is one movie, and the entire story will end with the one movie. Please see it in the theater by all means."



Additionally, the Blu-ray BOX "Mobile Suit Gundam UC Blu-ray BOX" to be sold February 26, 2019 (Tue.) has appeared, Namikawa's eyes sparkled at the BOX designed as the "Laplace's box" monument, saying "It's so cool-looking!"


About the scripts to be recorded, Fukui said "It's a story about what happens to Riddhe in the aftermath." Regarding the "RG 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility", it was introduced as "all the armaments that have appeared in the past will be wielded."


For further details about the above items, please see this article.


After final comments from the guests, the talk show ended.


Daisuke Namikawa(role of Riddhe Marcenas)

"It has been awhile since I last saw it, but I believe it is an unforgettable work. "UC" appears to be complete, but I am personally curious to see how "NT" will continue the saga. As the cheer leader for "NT", I hope we can all be excited for this. Thank you very much for staying so late today."


Harutoshi Fukui(Screenwriter)

"From the moment I started making "UC", to the planning of "UC NexT 0100", with the understanding that multiple works will start from now on, "NT" will begin that route. With the story that began from "UC", in the studio that created "UC", we are creating it with all our might.


The Mobile Suit Moon Gundam serialized in comics fills in the gap between "Char's Counterattack" and "Z Gundam". This is the beginning of the plan, with "Char's Counterattack", and "UC", and beyond that, I am creating a structure to talk about Gundam. Please look forward to even more things."


Further details about events are coming up in future articles, please look forward to those as well.



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Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2018

[Date]October 6, 2018 (Sat.)

[Venue]Shinjuku Piccadilly Theater 1