May 15, 2019

Director Tomino Also Appears! Special Collaboration with University of Tokyo & JAXA "G SATELLITE to Space" Announcement Press Conference Report

Gundam and Char Zaku to outer space!


On May 15, 2019 (Wed), a press conference to announce the collaboration of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, the University of Tokyo, and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) with "Mobile Suit Gundam" in the form of G-SATELLITE to Space.


Appearing during the announcement was Professor Shinichi Nakasuka, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Norishige Kanai, "Mobile Suit Gundam" director Yoshiyuki Tomino, and Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee Sports Director Koji Murofushi appeared and spoke about the current project description and desire for success.


Development videos of the "Gundam" and "Char Zaku" to be deployed on the microsatellite "G-SATELLITE", and message of support from London 2012 Games Judo gold medalist Kaori Matsumoto were also shown.


Let's go on to describe the press conference.



▲Norishige Kanai, Koji Murofushi, Director Yoshiyuki Tomino, Shinichi Nakasuka


"G-SATELLITE to Space" is one of the special projects of ONE TEAM PROJECT, where creators and innovators representing Japan express their feelings towards the "Tokyo 2020 Games". After the collaboration between JAXA and the "Space Brothers" manga, Chuya Koyama wrote the "Tokyo 2020 Cheer Manga" and this will be the second special project that will send cheering messages from space.


In this project, with the cooperation of Nakasuka Funase Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, a microsatellite "G-SATELLITE" attached with "gunpla" from "Mobile Suit Gundam" will be developed. With the cooperation of JAXA, it will be released from ISS into space around March~April 2020 (planned) before and during the Tokyo 2020 Games, and as it orbits the earth, it will send messages of support to the planet.


Professor Nakasuka, in charge of the development of the microsatellite "G-SATELLITE", said "When I first heard of it, I wondered if they were really going to do it, and thought we could use space to support the Tokyo 2020 Games, and as a big fan of "Gundam" since the series began airing on TV, and I am so happy to be able to participate."


Director Tomino said "It has become this type of era, because there are big events such as the Tokyo 2020 Games, we are able to grasp chances like this. Because Japan has agencies such as JAXA, we can do things like this. Various things came together to enable this project to happen. Things I had hoped everyone would do in 50~100 years, we are doing right now. In 100~200 years I hope we will be able to grant even bigger dreams." He proceeded to discuss the collaboration between this project and "Mobile Suit Gundam".

From Murofushi, "Competitors will try hard knowing that Gundam is supporting them from space." Also, "The lottery for event tickets has also started, for me I found Char straddling the white horse to be impressive, so I want you to go see the equestrian event, and I want Amuro to go see fencing." which caused laughter in the venue.


Astronaut Kanai said there are many "Gundam" fans in the aerospace industry, including himself. He said "As a fan, I want to see Gundam and Char Zaku in outer space!"


At last, there was the starting ceremony of this project. The four people on stage pushed the button, and with the line from Amuro, proclaimed loudly "Ikimasu!" (Moving out!)

The press conference is on JAXA official YouTube channel, and the archive streaming is currently in progress. You can enjoy the creation of the gunpla stored on the satellite, and the opening video of this project, so check it out.


For more details about this project, please see G-SATELLITE to Space


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