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May 28, 2019

The Evolution of the Attractiveness of "NT"! "Package of "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" Special Screening Stage Greetings" Report

Recommended points of package version highlights and bonuses introduced!

The "Gundam NT" Package Version Special Screening Debut Greetings event to commemorate the release of "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" BD & DVD was held on May 25, 2019 (Sat) at Marunouchi Piccadilly in Tokyo.


For the greetings, Junya Enoki who plays Jona Basta, Tomo Muranaka who plays Michele Luio, Ayu Matsuura who plays Rita Bernal, Yuichiro Umehara who plays Zoltan Akkanen, director Shunichi Yoshizawa, writer Harutoshi Fukui, and producer Naohiro Ogata appear.


Each spoke of their thoughts regarding the package version impressions, highlights and recommended bonus points.


First of all, regarding his impression of the package version, "There are plenty of things that have changed, and the attractiveness of "NT" has evolved" (Enoki), "I was drawn into the movie... I'd like to see it again at a theater!" (Matsuura). Muranaka and Umehara noticed the characters, saying "Michele's facial makeup is beautiful", "Zoltan gets even more crazier (laugh)", and were amazed at the improvement in image quality. Also, from the audience, "At the end when Michele was grabbed by Zoltan's II Neo Zeong, the image was totally different", and "The rain inside the colony was really emphasized."


Next, when asked about highlights of the package version, "There is a scene where Narrative turns blue when grasped by the Phenex, Jona's Psycho Suit also turns blue." (Fukui), "My impressions weren't changed much, but the 3DCG of the colony has mostly changed." (Director Yoshizawa). Producer Ogata said "We can see the cinematographer's commitment, especially in the latter half of the MS battle, and the story has become clearer to understand." And it became clear the work as a whole has been renewed.


To continue, moving on to the popular release of the Blu-ray, To continue, when Fukui and Muranaka were asked about the recommended bonuses, they introduced the "Complete Setting Reference Book" included in the special limited versions. "There isn't much information out there besides what is posted on the official site, so I think fans will be happy to see this. There are also the bits of illustrations in the drama CD." (Fukui), "Please check out the bottom right of page 7! Michele's joyous quote is listed." (Muranaka).


Also, Matsuura liked the "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE "Narrative Gundam B-Packs" Pearl Metallic Ver.", and showed a smile after saying "I'm happy to freely decorate the mini figure."


Finally, there were closing comments from each speaker, and the stage greeting ended successfully.


Junya Enoki(Role of Jona Basta)

The staff and I put our hearts into the work, so being able to screen the package version like this, and have it be seen makes me happy. This screening is limited to one week, so I'd love for you to go to the theater and see "NT" on a big screen at big volume and enjoy it. It was a priviledge to be involved with this outstanding work, thank you truly.


Tomo Muranaka(Role of Michele Luio)

I pushed him like a brick at times, but with this and that, I don't want to forget Jona from the bottom of my heart. The flashy characters may get the attention, but please look at various other characters in "NT" and emphasize with them. Please support "Gundam", including this work, from now on as well.


Ayu Matsuura(Role of Rita Bernal)

I received the really deluxe version, and it was like watching it at the theater again. Please see it many times, and take notices of the various changes. Thank you for today.

Yuichiro Umehara(Role of Zoltan Akkanen)

Powering up after the screening is over, that's not something that is seen at the theater often these days. This is thanks to everyone who has supported us. I haven't seen the entire version of the deluxe edition, it's a considerable amount to take in so let's all watch it.

Director Shunichi Yoshizawa

Thanks to the support of everyone, we were able to return as a "package edition", and I am happy you are able to see it on the screen again. The staff was able to perform to the last, and I thought of the "work" as being something very enjoyable to work on. It was all thanks to everyone who supported us.

Writer Harutoshi Fukui

We are doing many things for the 40th anniversary of Gundam, and there are some things I am personally involved with, so I hope you will look forward to those things as well.

Producer Naohiro Ogata

This screening is thanks to your support, for us to be able to hold an event in this form. I hope in the future we will be able to do 4DX and other ways for us to enjoy these works.