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September 27, 2019

Stream of New Release Items Appear! "59th All Japan Model Hobby Show" Report

"HG Gundam G40 (Industrial Design Ver.)" designed by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN special corner too!

At Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall A, for the three day period from September 27, 2019 (Fri) through September 29, 2019 (Sun), the country's largest hobby event "59th All Japan Model Hobby Show" will be held. Public days are the two day period of September 28 and 29, 2019 (Sat and Sun). Admission is ¥1,000 (tax inc), junior high students and younger are free.

At the venue, hobby related businesses from various genres will exhibit, and a wide range of hobby goods such as plastic models, figures, and toys will gather together in one place.


At the BANDAI SPIRITS booth, various character plastic models such as gunpla are exhibited. Also, from Bandai, capsule toys, figures, and shokugan are displayed together.


Also, at the main stage, the "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" special stage will be held September 28, 2019 (Sat) from 10:00, as well as other various stages.


Now then, many various items will premiere for the first time, and we will show you the highlights of the venue in a photo report form, so check out this report and then head towards the venue.



Hobby Department

From the Hobby Department, various items are on display, such as gunpla from the latest "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" animation which starts streaming October 10, 2019 (Thu) from 20:00 on "Gundam Channel".
HGBD:R Protagonist Gundam New Form January 2020 Release / ¥2,000(tax exc)
  • 【Top】HGBD:R Protagonist Gundam New Unit February 2020 Release / ¥850(tax exc)
  • 【Bottom】HGBD:R Protagonist Gundam New Weapon March 2020 Release / ¥600(tax exc)
  • SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Earthree Gundam February 2020 Release / ¥1,200(tax exc)
  • HGBD:R Buster Launcher January 2020 Release / ¥700(tax exc)
  • SDBD:R Avalanche Rex Buster February 2020 Release / ¥750(tax exc)

The PLANETS System from the anime that allows for core and armor replacement and combination in "Core Docking Custom" is introduced, and examples of colors and weapons combinations are in the extensive exhibition corner!

Of course the previously announced "HGBD:R" items and items from the previous "Gundam Build Divers" are also on display!

  • MG FAZZ Ver.Ka February 2020 Release / ¥11,000円(tax exc)※Overseas release in January 2020
  • PG Perfect Strike Gundam Expansion Parts for Strike Gundam / ¥25,000(tax exc)
  • MG Gundam Barbatos December 2019 Release / ¥4,500(tax exc)
  • HG Penelope October 26, 2019 (Sat) Release / ¥6,800(tax exc)
  • HiRM God Gundam October 26, 2019(Sat)Release / ¥13,000(tax exc)
  • SDEX-STANDARD RX78-2 Gundam / Hello Kitty February 2020 Release / ¥2,300(tax exc)
  • SDCS Char Custom Zaku II January 2020 Release / ¥800(tax exc)
  • HG Gundam TR-6[Hyzenthlay II・Rah] / ¥5,900(tax exc)
  • HG Gundam TR-6[Hyzenthlay II] / ¥4,400(tax exc)
  • 【Left】RG Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 Phenex(Narrative Ver.) / ¥11,600(tax exc)
  • MG Gundam F90 Mission Pack F Type & M Type / ¥2,000(tax exc)
  • MG Gundam F90 Mission Pack E Type & S Type  / ¥2,000(tax exc)
  • MG Gundam F90  / ¥4,000(tax exc)
  • 【Left】MG Advanced GN-X  / ¥4,200(tax exc)
  • 【Right】MG MSZ-006P2/3C Zeta Gundam III P2 Type Red Zeta  / ¥6,500(tax exc)
  • Figure-rise Mechanics Haro[Pink] December 2019 Release / ¥1,800(tax exc)

Besides these, at the Gundam Base Tokyo Corner, there are displays of limited gunpla and gunpla build exhibits, and the "BANDAI SPIRITS Build Up Nipper" is introduced!

Collectors Department

There are exhibits of the Collectors Department's December releases such as the latest prototype of the "KAITAI-SHOU-KI νGundam", and items from "GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE", "METAL ROBOT SPIRITS", and "ROBOT SPIRITS".
  • METAL STRUCTURE KAITAI-SHOU-KI RX-93 νGundam December 2019 Release / ¥102,300(tax inc)
  • METAL STRUCTURE KAITAI-SHOU-KI RX-93 νGundam Option Parts Fin Funnel Release TBA / Price TBA
  • GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE MS-06S Char Custom Zaku II Currently Released / ¥20,000(tax exc)
  • 【Left】ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam ver.A.N.I.M.E. February 2020 Release / ¥8,800(tax inc)
  • 【Right】ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> MS-11 Act Zaku ver.A.N.I.M.E. / ¥7,700(tax inc)

Gashapon World

  • 【Left】Gashapon Senshi f 11 March 2020 Release / ¥300(tax inc)
  • 【Right】Gashapon Senshi f EX07 Shou Gundam  / ¥2,970(tax inc)※Shipping fee separate
  • 【Left】MOBILE SUIT ENSEMBLE EX17 Heavy Armor Full Armor Gundam  / Price TBA
  • 【Right】MOBILE SUIT ENSEMBLE EX16 G-Self Pefect Pack / ¥4,950(tax inc)※Shipping fee separate
  • 【Bottom】MOBILE SUIT ENSEMBLE EX15 V2 Assault Buster Gundam & Wings of Light Set  / ¥4,400(tax inc)※Shipping fee separate

Various new items such as the April 2020 release of "Ultimate Luminous Zaku 02" and the November 2019 release of "Capchara Ball 1" appear!


Also, there is a display of the winning works from "Mobile Suits Ensemble Customize Festival"!


"HG Gundam G40 (Industrial Design Ver.)" Designed by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN Special Corner Too!

Besides the various kits, a special corner appears for the "HG Gundam G40 (Industrial Design Ver.)", created as a 3D model from the perspective of industrial design, with the theme of "From Anime to Reality" by "KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN" led by industrial designer Kiyoyuki Okuyama.


Don't miss these must-see contents such real item displays and commentary movies.

59th All Japan Model Hobby Show



  • Public Days

September 28, 2019(Sat) 9:30~18:00

September 29, 2019(Sun) 9:30~16:30



Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall A

1-2-23 Aomi, Koto, Tokyo

※The closest stations to this year's "Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Hall A" venue are the "Tokyo Teleport" station on the Rinkai line and the "Aomi" station on the Yurikamome line.



¥1,000(tax inc)※Junior high students and younger are free