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April 27, 2018

“FORMANIA EX Gundam Prototype 01 Full Burner”, video details on the light gimmick !

Comments on the charm of the “highest ranked desktop model”!

On April 27th (Friday), a new video commentary detailing the light gimmick of the “FORMANIA EX Gundam Prototype 01 Full Burner” was released on BANDAI SPIRITS Collectors, as it is planned to come out this September.


The video shows the delicate details and the density of the expensive moulding and colouring, as a close up shows the camera-eye and the vernier, besides the progress of the internal light gimmick. The contents of the video introduces the multicolour LED change as a consequence of the vernier temperature change.


Also, highly detailed pictures were uploaded on the dedicated page, where all the details about the “hightest ranked desktop model” can be found. Don’t miss out on the video!


“FORMANIA EX Gundam Prototype 01 Full Burner” will be released this September for 32,400 yen (taxes included).



【dedicated page】

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