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July 28, 2018

Wave Rider transforms! METAL ROBOT Tamashii (Ka Signature) Zeta Plus C1, on sale from today!

The marking is freshly drawn by Katoki Hajime!

From the fusion of two brands, Robot Tamashii, from whose loving heart we saw the “Super Alloy” and other robots, with an incredible thickness of the diecast, and METAL ROBOT Tamashii, we see the METAL ROBOT Tamashii (Ka signature) Zeta Plus C1! On sale from July 28th (Saturday) for 16,200 yen (taxes included).



METAL ROBOT Tamashii(Ka signature)〈SIDE MS〉Zeta Plus C1

Pice: 16,200 yen (taxes included)


METAL ROBOT Tamashii finally presents the long awaited Gundam Sentinel, Zeta Plus C1!

The model uses a diecast on each part of its joints, not only showing an incredible sense of thickness and texture to the touch, but also a very high degree of compatibility.

Also, thanks to the use of camouflage coating, the figurine pursues an actual sense of realism and add to the texture, while the “Ka signature” marking is freshly drawn in extended details by Katoki Hajime.

Not only the Beam Smartgun, the C1’s greatest feature, is also equipped with the model, but it can change shape to its Wave Rider Mode by replacing one part. Using the special pedestal allows you to even display its aerial form!


【Set specifics】

Item / 4 spare hands, left-right / Beam Smartgun / Beam Saber x2 / Beam Saber edge x2 / Special joints / Special pedestal / Landing Gear Part

You can check out more details about the model on the Robot Figure Blog!







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