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September 26, 2018

"METAL BUILD Crossbone Gundam X1" Coming Soon! Detachable Core Fighter Gimmick & Cloth Cloak Included!

Product overview video also released! Pre-orders start from September 28, 2018!

"METAL BUILD Crossbone Gundam X1" will be sold in stores for a planned January 2019 release date. Price is ¥23,760 (tax inc.)


The "Crossbone Gundam X1" which appears in "Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam" is modelled in an arrangement unique to METAL BUILD.


In a first for METAL BUILD, the "Core Fighter Detachable Gimmick" and "Cloth Cloak" are included. Additionally, a bird-like mecha and wide range of weaponry designed by the manga author Hasegawa come as a set, and this is an item with high play value.


Store pre-orders begin September 28, 2018 (Fri.) so don't miss it.


>>Special page is here!


METAL BUILD Crossbone Gundam X1

Price:¥23,760(tax inc.)

Release Date:January 2019


Body / Replacement Head / Replacement Left and Right Wrists 5 Types / Replacement Antenna Parts / ABC Cloak / Bird Mecha / Core Fighter / Buster Gun / Warhead / Beam Zanber / Beam Zanber Blade x2 / Brand Marker Blade x2 / Beam Shield x2 / Heat Dagger Blade x2 / Beam Saber Blade x2 / Scissor Anchor Chains x2 / Pedestal Base / Core Fighter Joint Parts



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