2018.12.08 (SAT)

From "Mobile Suit Gundam NT"! "ROBOT SPIRITS Phenex (Destroy Mode) (Narrative Ver.)" Released Today!

Gold and blue metallic paint design!

Incorporating the latest in "CAD Technology" and the craftsmanship of a "modeller's technique" of the robot figure "ROBOT SPIRITS" series, "Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Destroy Mode) (Narrative Ver.)" was released today. Price is ¥9,180 (tax inc.)


Hailing from "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" which showed in 90 movie theaters nationwide, "Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Destroy Mode)" appears.


A stabilizer that resembles the feathers of a Phoenix has been added to the Armed Armor DE, and by deploying wires inside, you can achieve freedom of movement. You can enjoy natural posing like dancing through the air.


The entire body is in gold and blue metallic paint, and the psychoframe appears lit. The coloring of the noble, shining Phenex brings to mind a phoenix.


Get this item in your hands and let's enjoy "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" even more.



ROBOT SPIRITS <SIDE MS> Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex(Destroy Mode)(Narrative Ver.)

Price:¥9,180(tax inc)