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January 26, 2019

Detachable Core Fighter Gimmick & Cloth Cloak Included! "METAL BUILD CROSSBONE GUNDAM X1" Released Today!

The bird-like recon mecha "Billy" is also included for this item!

"Crossbone Gundam X1" from the "METAL BUILD" ultimate finished goods toy brand series that integrates the "goodness of die-cast" with "design arrangement for the work" will be released January 26, 2019 (Sat). Price is ¥23,760 (tax inc)


In a first for METAL BUILD, the "Core Fighter Detachable Gimmick" and "Cloth Cloak" are included. For the cloth cloak, battle damage has been faithfully reproduced with a laser cutter. With the movable arm, flexible posing is possible. In addition to the bird-like recon mecha "Billy" that the mangaka Yuichi Hasegawa created, the buster gun, beam zanber, and numerous other armaments are also included. Let's get this by all means.



METAL BUILD Crossbone Gundam X1

Price:¥23,760(tax inc)


Body / Replacement Head / Replacement Left and Right Wrists 5 Types / Replacement Antenna Parts / ABC Cloak / Bird Mecha / Core Fighter / Buster Gun / Warhead / Beam Zanber / Beam Zanber Blade x2 / Brand Marker Blade x2 / Beam Shield x2 / Heat Dagger Blade x2 / Beam Saber Blade x2 / Scissor Anchor Chains x2 / Pedestal Base / Core Fighter Joint Parts


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