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March 25, 2019

"FW GUNDAM CONVERGE EX26 Pale Rider " Released Today!

Three types of specifications can be reproduced: regular, space battle, and ground battle heavy equipment!

The precision detailing of the "CONVERGE=Convergence" candy toy figures "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE" EX series has released the 26th "Pale Rider <Space Battle / Ground Battle Heavy Equipment Set>" on March 25, 2019 (Mon) to toy stores, electronic retailers, and internet stores nationwide. Price is ¥2,600 (tax exc)


The Earth Federation Forces mobile suit "RX-80PR Pale Rider" which appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden Missing Link" episode from the game "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories" comes in a completely new molded form. Three types of specs can be reproduced as a compatible kit: regular version, space battle and ground battle heavy equipment.



FW GUNDAM CONVERGE EX26 Pale Rider<Space Battle/Ground Battle Heavy Equipment Set>

Price:¥2,600(tax exc)

Release Date:March 25, 2019(Mon)


【Set Contents】

  • Painted figure 1 set
    1. Pale Rider <Space Battle / Ground Battle Heavy Equipment >
  • Gum (Soda Flavor) 1 piece