September 06, 2019

"STRICT-G NEW YARK×BOUNTY HUNTER" Gouf T-Shirt Releases September 14, 2019!

Collaboration with "Tokyo Ura-Harajuku Hasshin" brand!

At the apparel shop "STRICT-G", which incorporates the world view of Gundam, the "STRICT-G NEW YARK" and "BOUNTY HUNTER" collaboration item "Gouf T-Shirt" will be released September 14, 2019 (Sat).


"STRICT-G NEW YARK" approaches the celebration of the 40th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam" from a new aspect, and evolves the street casual theme with a monochrome series.


This time, in collaboration with Tokyo street fashion company "Tokyo Ura-Harajuku Hasshin" brand "BOUNTY HUNTER", the motif is the "Gouf", which the designer Hikaru was attracted to since childhood due to the attractiveness of the coloring.


The "Gouf T-Shirt", in the monotone coloring that is also symbolic of "BOUNTY HUNTER", has on the front the characters "New Improved Enhanced Type" from the "Bandai Best Mecha Collection" plastic model box, with a familiar logo on the sleeve, and the back has the Gouf printed using the "discharge method", and is finished with a cool atmosphere.




Price:¥6,800(tax exc)

Product Size:S~XXL

Product Material:100% Cotton

  • Odaiba Tokyo

[Location]DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 7F, 1-1-110 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo



  • Tokyo Solamachi

[Location]1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi 4F



  • Shizuoka NEOPASA (westbound)

[Location]Shin-Tomei Expressway Shizuoka service area (1258 IIma, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka)




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