December 02, 2019

"FW GUNDAM CONVERGE ♯17" Released Today! "Gundam DX" Appears in Twin Satellite Cannon Expanded State!

Silver Bullet Suppressor from "Gundam NT" too!

The precision details of the converge candy toy figure series "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE" 17th edition are being sold starting today, December 2, 2019 (Mon) in toy stores, home electronics stores, and internet nationwide. 6 types in total, price is ¥500 each (tax exc).


In this edition, "Gundam DX" with the twin satellite expanded state from "Mobile Suit Gundam X" and the long-awaited "Gundam NT-1 Alex" from "0080: War in the pocket" and "Zaku II FZ" appear.


Also, "Silver Bullet Suppressor" from "Gundam NT", "Cluster Gundam" from "F91", and "Z'Gok" from "Mobile Suit Gundam" are in the lineup.



Price:¥500 each(tax exc)


【Set Contents】

  • Pre-painted model 1 piece(6 types in all)
  1. Gundam DX
  2. Silver Bullet Suppressor
  3. Gundam NT-1 Alex
  4. Zaku II FZ
  5. Cluster Gundam
  6. Z'Gok
  • Gum(soda flavor)1 piece

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