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May 24, 2018

“Haropla Momo Haro” and “HGBC Tilt Rotor Pack”, on sale starting today!

Momo Haro has adorable ear parts! And even a cute silhouette!

Haropla Momo Haro


Price: 648 yen (taxes included)


It’s the pink Haro that appeared in “Gundam Build Divers”! Coming with adorable ear parts and an even cuter silhouette! By moving the ear parts, it can even change facial expressions.

Haro’s hands and feet can come out thanks to its changing parts, and it even has its own Haropla base.

HGBC 1/144 Tilt Rotor Pack


Price: 864 yen (taxes included)

※Everything else, besides the model, is sold separately.


Here come the adjustable custom parts for the assault pack. The military pack, arriving with its propellers, consists of a chainsaw and a missile pod. And besides the strong Grimoire Red Beret, the Rotor Pack can hold many different gunpla, thanks to its 3mm joint opening!