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September 26, 2018

Choose Between the Real Appearance and the GBN Gunpla Look! "HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah" to be Released in December!

Display base also included!


From "Gundam Build Divers" which is heading towards its climax, the "HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah" was announced for December sale, and images were released September 26, 2018 (Wed.) Price is ¥2,592 (tax inc.)


You can choose between the reality appearance or the GBN gunpla version. Replacement head parts set, replacement shoulder joints sets, and a display base are also included.



HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah

Price:¥2,592(tax inc.)

Release Date:December 2018


The gunpla that holds the key to the "Gundam Build Divers" story has appeared.

At the "Gundam Build Divers" Official Anime Site the final stages of free delivery and the Twitter campaign and icon free presents are underway. Let's go check them out.