January 24, 2019

"SDBD RX-Zeromaru Shinkikessho" & "HGBC HWS & SV Custom Weapon Set" Released Today!

From "Gundam Build Divers"!

SDBD RX-Zeromaru Shinkikessho

Price:¥1,944(tax inc)


From "Gundam Build Divers" comes RX-Zeromaru's strengthened armament spec as a kit. The psycho frame is a green color, and images the Unicorn Gundam in its awakened form. It can of course be displayed as the real form, as well as combine various armaments as well.

HGBC 1/144 HWS&SV Custom Weapon Set

Price:¥1,296(tax inc)


From "Gundam Build Divers", the additional armaments to the climactic battle versions of "00 Sky" and "AGE II Magnum" have been added to the line-up of the build custom series. With the original gunpla gimmick, it is possible to combine them into their flight forms. Let's enjoy customizing and combining it with various gunplas.

※Action base sold separately.