2019.07.18 (THU)

August 2019 Release "RG νGundam" PV Streaming, Introduces the Range of Motion of Each Gimmick

A wide and powerful pose can be produced.

The product PV of the August 2019 release of "RG νGundam" has started streaming July 18, 2019 (Thu).


In the PV, the minute parts division of the "REAL GRADE" series, the precision action of each part of the internal frame joint, and the range of motion of each gimmick expansion is introduced. Let's check it out.



RG 1/144 νGundam

Price:¥4,536(tax inc)

Release Date:August 2019


The white body of the νGundam uses 3 shades of light gray, and its distinctive coloring is part of the molding.


The joints in the shoulder and torso twist and extend the shoulders, and the waist joint allows a large forward movement of the knee. Also, in the legs, together with the movement of each joint, the armor slides with the "Multilink Gimmick", allowing for a big bent knee pose.