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September 27, 2019

Gundam Model Design by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN! "HG Gundam G40 (Industrial Design Ver.)" December 2019 Release!

The industrial design of this item has been thoroughly reviewed!

HG 1/144 Gundam G40(Industrial Design Ver.)

Price:¥3,300(tax inc)

Release Date:December 2019

The "HG Gundam G40 (Industrial Design Ver.)", created from the perspective of industrial design, with the theme of "From Anime to Reality" by "KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN" led by industrial designer Kiyoyuki Okuyama, will be released December 2019. Price is ¥3,300 (tax inc).


This item is part of the "Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project", and is a conceptualization of what would happen if "KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN" researched and designed a Gundam as a real project. The Gundam developed will appear in the "Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN Gunpla Project Special Movie" (coming this winter), and the gunpla would be designed to reproduce the actions within the video.


With an explanation of the real perspectives on the mechanism and structure while building, and a creation of the sense of "A Great Thing Beyond Imagination", it is an item that you can experience the future possibilities of plastic models, so let's get it.


Product Features of "HG Gundam G40" as an Industrial Design

The main camera on the head in the "linear" shape expresses movement.

By approaching the functionality of how the main camera collects information from its surroundings from an industrial design perspective, it has become this new representation.

Also, the entire body has a gentle contour as a feature, and focusing in on the chest unit, the contour draws your eyes in through the flowing body line that you can feel. The features of the MS drawn by Okuyama includes modern lines, and is an expression through which you can feel the future.

The arm joints mimic the expressions of the human body, and assuming "real" MS movements (human-like close combat), a new joint is added to the forearm, and a line that simulates the human body is connected to the silhouette.

The torso structure is a simple block structure, and the twisting and extension movements exhibit a wider range of motion than the human body. When the expression of movement is put through the filter of Okuyama, the fusion of human-like moves and the design of Gundam are fulfilled.

The silhouette design emphasizes the movement of the legs. From head to toe, there are no gaps to break the flow of the structure from the observer's eyes, and the industrial design research is performed by the people who saw it before as youngsters.

The absolute structure reproduction of the legs have an important meaning. This model is designed with Okuyama's policy of not moving the waist armor. To accomplish that, even if the knee is bent, a joint that does not restrict front armor movement is expressed.




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