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January 25, 2024


This article contains viewer comments about the things they liked from the Witch from Mercury! What did you find interesting or enjoyable about the show? You might just find similar thoughts inside!


・Really love the pacing of the show (some episodes had its slow parts but it had purpose), how the staff take care to show each character's appeal (even the side characters) and lastly, liked how the staff purposely left little crumbs of information for the audience to speculate on the mystery behind Witches and Gundam every week was fun.

・I was intrigued by the female protagonist at first, now I want to know everything behind the plot!

・The hurdle to enter the world of the Witch from Mercury is much lower than conventional Gundam series, but the good elements of Gundam series are kept well. Descriptions on the relationships among various characters are detailed and in depth too.

・How this series was able to focus on more interesting aspects, like the industries and the companies that make the mobile suits, which was never considered as something to take an entire episode without battles.

・This first season is more about company based political drama rather than warfare.

・how different it is from other Gundams. It is very interesting to see the school life mixed with business intrigue.

・This time,the corps are at the center of the plot,offering a new perspective rather than Political Faction A vs Political Faction B.

・The start of the show was definitely a change from usual political and action packed Gundam shows to a more light hearted and almost slice of life show. But I really love how as the series progresses and nears the end of the first half, it takes a darker twist exposing more of the deeper meanings and heavy plot that's been hidden.

・The final part of Episode 12 was unique in how different it was from the rest of the series. Anyways first I saw a meme and now I like everything about "Witch from Mercury"


・How every single character acts like a real person with their own beliefs and motivations, rather than relying on standard anime tropes.

・The humanity that suletta treats her Gundam with, she treats it like a fellow family member and it acts like almost a magical guardian which I love in sci Fi where things are somewhat magical and fantastical

・I especially adore Suletta, some of her moments of weakness and anxiety were feelings I know well so I bonded with her quite a lot through the journey so far!

・Suletta and Miorine have a very interesting dynamic and I hope to see their relationship develop further!

・The contrast between Miorine fighting for her independence and Suletta basing her entire worth on the opinions of people just using her is really sad and relatable.

・Guel's development from an arrogant and angry young man to a much more humble and sympathetic person has been great to watch.

・ I love the characters! Guel is my favorite, I wanna see Guel every day!


・As a mech fan, I love how each company’s mobile suit is designed by different artist. It makes it feel like real like where there would be artistic differences, like with a Car Manufacturers

・Designs for each company in-universe are super unique and it makes for a very diverse mobile suit cast, hope we continue to see this amount of design variety in future series

・The suits are definitely cool. I haven't connected with a gundam like this since Exia and the 00 line.

・the GUND-BIT designs of Aerial is Bravo!!! Extremely good work!!!

・I really loved the design of the gundams and the characters kind of personality, especially the Gundam fighting animation makes me so hyped

・I love the mecha battles! The mobile suit designs are great too but Ariel 1 is the best hands down.


・Form "PROLOGUE" I love "Mobile Suit Gundam Witch from Mercury".

・Great animation great voice acting great soundtrack great characters and story so far.

・Everything else about the show is amazing, but my god the sound design goes so hard in this series. It's absolutely ridiculous how great the fights feel thanks to great animation, choreography, and that absolute banger of a soundtrack and sound effects.

・I really love YOASOBI so seeing them sang the OP is cool and all but I LOVE THE ENDING SONG by shiyui!

Thank you for all your many comments!

Everyone's feedback was wonderful, and we are very sorry that we cannot include all the submissions here. We hope you will continue to post your thoughts on social media using the #G_Witch hashtag!

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