April 12, 2018

Event-Limited Gunpla “Gundam 00 1st Seazon MS Set [Clear Color] to Release April 14th

The original gifts “Super Hard Holder” and “Tool Case” will also be introduced!


The latest information on event-limited Gunpla and new original gifts for those with MEMBERS CARDs at the Gunpla center THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO have been revealed.


The items revealed include event-limited Gunpla “Mobile Suit Gundam 001stSeazon MS Set [Clear Color]” to be released on April 14th(Sat). Two original gifts “GUNDAM BASE-Limited Gift Builders Super Hard Holder” and “GUNDAM BASE-Limited Gift Builders Tool Case” will also be released on the same day.

These original gifts can be exchanged using the points saved on your members card. For details on the members card, please check this page.


Be sure to check them out if you’ll be visiting THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO!



Mobile Suit Gundam 00 1st Seazon MS Set [Clear Color] [NEW]


Price: 7,128 yen (tax included)

Release Date: Scheduled for April 14, 2018 (Sat)


GUNDAM BASE-Limited Gift Builders Super Hard Holder [NEW]


Exchangeable Points: 100 points




GUNDAM BASE-Limited Gift Builders Tool Case [NEW]


Exchangeable Points: 200 points


Details Here



[Address] DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 7F (Tokyo, Koto, Aomi 1-1-10)

[Business Hours] 10:00am – 9:00pm (no scheduled holidays)

[Entry Fee] Free