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February 27, 2018

From March 1st, the super realistic entertainment center “VR ZONE SHINJUKU” broadens the target age of a part of its activities!

The prices also get a renewal! Try coming with the whole family!


Starting from March 1st (Saturday), Bandai Namco Entertainment broadens the target age from 13 to 7 years, for a part of its activities at the “VR ZONE SHINJUKU” entertainment centre. Also, the entry and play fees also were revised.



In July of 2017, Tokyo opened the VR ZONE SHINJUKU, and thanks to the VR technology, students and workers in their 20s and 30s, foreign tourists and more, had the chance to experience delight and surprise while at the centre.

This time, following the “Guidelines on age of use of VR Content” given by the Location VR Association on January 2018, the age for the 9 “Gundam Unicorn VR Crash - Diver Sky” activities was broadened to 7 years old.

In addition, always starting from March 1st, new types of tickets are available, such a the “Children 1day2 ticket” and the weekdays limited “After5 1day3 ticket”, allowing family and friends to come together to the enjoy the centre. Go enjoy the experience, whether you’re new to it or have already tried it!


The VR activities of the VR ZONE SHINJUJU are in the satellite expansion of 「VR ZONE Portal」 to reach every region of the country, while the “Gundam VR Diver Assault” and other activities will be available to children above the age of 7.



[Place]Tokyo-to, Shinjuku Kabukichō, 1-29-1

[Access]JR Shinjuku station, East exit, 7 minutes on foot /Seibu Shinjuku station, 2 minutes on foot

[Opening Time]No closing throguhtout the year / 10:00-22:00 (Last entrance: 21:00)

[Holidays]No closing throughout the year

[Fees (Updated on March 1st)]Adults (over 13 years) 800 yen / Students (With student cards) 500 yen / Children (From 7 to 13 years old) 200 yen /Free entrance for children under 7