June 16, 2018

A GUNDAM Café Grand Menu Renewal! Now Being Served!

New menu items have been added to the super popular regular menu!

The grand menu at the official GUNDAM Cafés as well as Osaka’s GUNDAM SQUARE have been renewed starting from today, June 14th(Thurs), with the introduction of new menu items recreating the world of the series from the Gundam franchise.


Brilliantly arranged dishes such as “Lockon’s Partner Salad”, “Last Shooting Parfait”, and “Beargguy III Float” are introduced as new menu items. Furthermore, limited lunch and dinner menu items are being served at both the Akihabara location and GUNDAM SQUARE.


A “Joint Key Holder” will also be given to you when you order a set with your favorite drink for an additional 432 yen (tax included). This is a lineup of unique menu items through which you can enjoy various Gundam series, so definitely be sure to come visit the cafés.






Gundam Stew ~GUNDAM Café Original Gratin-Style Cream Stew~
Price: 1,058 yen (tax included)

The stew off the new regular Gundam-inspired menu is a dish that will stimulate your appetite with the smell of grilled cheese. “You’ve become more delicious haven’t you, Gundam!”

Acguy Curry ~GUNDAM Café Original Mild Curry~
Price: 1,058 yen (tax included)


Curry rice inspired by Acguy that has now completely become a regular item at GUNDAM Café!

Char’s Zaku Curry ~GUNDAM CAFÉ Original Three-Times Spicy Red Curry~
Price: 1,058 yen (tax included)


The three-times staple red curry inspired by Char’s Zaku. As expected, it may be difficult to handle for a novice pilot, so be careful!

Char’s Zaku Rice ~GUNDAM Café Deluxe Chicken Rice With Cre~amy Scrambled Eggs~
Price: 1,188 yen (tax included)


An omurice dish inspired by the super popular Char’s Zaku. Will you be able to avoid the ever progressing Char’s pursuit!?

Hyaku Shiki Omurice ~Beef Stew Prepared With Demi-Glace Sauce~

Price: 1,188 yen (tax included)


The super popular demi-glace omurice. Please enjoy Hyaku Shiki who not only has a symbolic shoulder emblem but has also evolved in taste and volume!

Waldfeld’s Kitsune Udon ~Steamed Chicken, Lemon Kitsune Udon, and Mixed Vegetable Tempura Bowl~
Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)


Andrew Waldfeld is a man particular with flavors in his coffee and kebabs. A bowl recreating the kitsune udon he ate during the series.

Tekkadan Meal ~Mexican Tacos, Warm Chopped Vegetable Salad with Corn Dressing, Meatballs, Dates, Corn Chips~
Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)


Day after day they risk their lives on battle after another. To “live” is to “eat”. In order to live without regrets, to become even stronger than they were today, for the things they must protect, today, too, they live on and eat until their stomachs are full.

Famous Quotes Pizza ~Mobile Suit Gundam Series~
Price: 1,296 yen (tax included)

※Please choose your favorite design


Those famous scenes have been brought back as pizzas! This is a new regular dish at GUNDAM Café! Please enjoy these pizzas exactly as these famous quotes are written together with their simply flavor.


· Amuro ver.

Amuro’s lines, which shocked many viewers, tell a story not of him as a protagonist-like “soldier” of a conventional robot anime, but of him as a real 16 year old boy.


· Gihren ver.

Gihren’s speech is, in contrast to Amuro’s quote, is very politically conscious. This, too, is another scene that impressed upon the fact that the battles depicted in Mobile Suit Gundam is a war connected to reality.


· Sleggar ver.

Sleggar Law embodied the “charms of an adult male” that did not have the purity of a young boy nor the complexity of politics. It’s because he has few scenes he appears in that he is the one character that gives a striking impression to viewers.


Federation Hamburger
Price: 950 yen each (tax included)


※Please choose your favorite flavor.


· Cheeseburger

· Teriyaki Egg Burger

· Chili Beans Burger


When you think of a light meal for the Federation Forces. you think of hamburgers. It might even be plausible to say that this hamburger is the one vital supporting role (?) that has seen various dramas from the sidelines during the intervals between battles and during meals before an attack.

<Lunch Limited> Audrey Burne’s Breakfast ~Hot Dog Plate~
Price: 950 yen (tax included)


It is but a single road she has finally arrived at following the end of numerous hardships and the answers to her own questions. She receives energy cherishing her feelings towards the one boy who saw her not as the successor to the Zabi Family, but as just a young girl and heads towards the battlefield.

<Lunch Limited> Erupting! God-owl Finger! ~Spicy Chicken and Minced Meat W Pork Cutlet Bowl~

Price: 1,296 yen (tax included)


The laborious rice bowl that his soul dwelled in has returned home! Domon’s right hand erupting in red is approaching you!! Will you be able to finish eating this dish at this volume?! Gundam Fight, Ready Go!

<Dinner Limited> Kshatriya Loco Moco
Price: 1,296 yen (tax included)


Marida Cruz is a sorrowful female soldier produced by the war. The MS, sinister as if it embodied her resentment over not having even a real name, only scatters giant leaves that are like never blooming flowers into the emptiness of space.


<Dinner Limited> Eatable Battlefield (Diorama) ~B-Class Gourmet Plate of Soba Rice, Deep-Fried Chicken, and Meatballs~
Price: 2,700 yen (tax included)


An innovative special menu served to you by this Gundam Café! This entirely eatable dish, aside from the standing MS picks, has been completed into one that is truly unheard-of with the theme of being an “eatable diorama”. “Will you be able to finish it?”

<Lunch Limited> Gunpla Monaka Wafer Burger ~Rice Monaka Wafer Burger and Sangenton Miso Filet Pork Cutlet~

Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)


A wafer cake with bean jam inspired by the first generation 1/144 Gunpla. It stands on land as a progressive burger with plenty of ingredients made into a sandwich!


<Lunch Limited> Kid’s Plate

· Char’s Zaku Rice ver.

· Char’s Zaku Spaghetti ver.

Price: 734 yen each (tax included)


The Principality of Zeon began the war advocating for the independence of Spacenoids. That war may be the appearance of a new breed of humans supporting the new age that have been liberated from the Earth’s gravity. Please have this very nutritious kid’s plate for the children that bear the weight of the future!

<Dinner Limited> Haro Pasta ~Basil Cream Pasta~
Price: 1,296 yen (tax included)


GUNDAM Café’s staple pasta is being introduced in another all new form! This time, a simple basil cream-flavored pasta resembling Haro’s original colors will decorate your table.


Federation’s White Pizza ~Cheese Chicken Curry Pizza~
Price: 680 yen (tax included)

Zeon’s Red Pizza ~Sausage Tomato Pizza~
Price: 680 yen (tax included)

Gunpla-yaki Char’s Zaku ~Spicy Pollack Roe Potato Salad~
Price: 250 yen (tax included)




The Weakling and Woman Spy ~Fried Chicken and Onion Rings~
Price: 778 yen (tax included)


A young boy that humbly thought to sacrifice himself for others. A young girl that cannot be concerned with appearances for her family and to survive. The two, who found in each other something that they were lacking in themselves, return to the battlefield with their own wishes to regain what they had lost.

Tekkadan’s Provision Nachos ~Deluxe Nachos~
Price: 734 yen (tax included)


To all the members in Tekkadan who do nothing but fight and train, their daily meals are their greatest pleasures. For Tekkadan, who are starving today as well, we have prepared the best nachos. Be sure to eat this and go the extra mile in your battles.




Lockon’s Partner Salad ~Orange Vegetable and Fruit Haro Smoothie with Steamed Chicken Green Salad~
Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)

※Comes with a Haro glass for 1,860 yen (tax included)


Lockon Stratos, or Neil Dylandy, is a dependable senior Gundam Meister. The salad, made in a green color much like the character himself, is a dish abundant with greens. Of course, the center is also garnished with his partner Haro.

Last Shooting Parfait ~Almond and Lychee Jelly Fruit Parfait~
Price: 845 yen (tax included)


A deeply moving sweet made in the image of the scene that comes to mind whenever anyone thinks of a famous scene from Mobile Suit Gundam. Please have the strawberry stick representing the final shot fired by the unmanned Gundam last.




Beargguy III Float ~Orange Lemon & Mango Ice Cream Float~
Price: 734 yen (tax included) ※Slight carbonation


Everyone’s favorite Beargguy III has become an adorable float! If you’re tired from building or battling Gunpla, definitely please come to have this drink. The sweet flavor and adorableness is sure to heal you.

M.C. (Magnet Coating) Juice ~Rich Mixed Fruit Juice~
Price: 464 yen (tax included) ※Non-carbonated

You’re Similar To Me ~Fruit Sangria~
Price: 810 yen (tax included) ※Non-carbonated ※This is an alcoholic drink


A close friend thought to be more familiar than anyone else by their side. Despite their paths having gone separate ways and their crossing swords, those thoughts hidden deep within them do not change. They believe that someday the day will come when they will stand together shoulder to shoulder. Together with the wings of their promise.

Erupting! Domon Fruit Juice ~Blood Orange & Miyazaki Mangos~
Price: 810 yen (tax included) ※Non-carbonated


Look at this sparkling and burning red drink! This is a man’s drink of blazing hot flames!!

Drink until the very last drop! Then you shall proceed into the battlefield awaiting bloodshed! Look, the east is blazing red!!


Zaku Mass Production Type ~Matcha Green Tea Latte & Matcha Ice Cream Float~
Price: 648 yen (tax included) ※Non-carbonated

Char’s Zaku Float ~Acerola Soda & Strawberry Ice Cream Float~
Price: 648 yen (tax included)

Joint Key Holder

You can receive this extra by ordering it as a set with your favorite drink for an additional 432 yen (tax included). A total of 12 types / you are unable to choose or exchange the design.


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