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August 31, 2018

At Gundam Cafe stores during "Tekka Gathering Fair", three additional drinks are offered starting today!

The essence of Shino, Akihiro, and Chad! GFC members only menu too!

Beginning August 31 (Fri.) at the official Gundam cafes "Gundam Cafe Akihabara" and Osaka's "Gundam Square", the new drink menu of "Flashy Man Blossoming in Space", "Underneath It All, Strength", and "An Unreachable Thought" begins.


These drinks are part of the supplemental drink menu of the currently popular "Tekka Gathering Fair" as part of the three selected cast drinks chosen at the "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" event on August 30, 2018 (Fri.) at Gundam Cafe Akihabara.

Drinks that were not chosen appear as special drinks only for Gundam Fan Club members as part of the reverse-side menu.

These are all special drinks with the essence of "Shino", "Akihiro", and "Chad", so let's check them out. They are planned to be offered from now until October 17, 2018 (Wed.)


At the "Tekka Gathering Fair", special set menus, character drinks, teacups, acrylic keychains, earphone jacks, and other original goods appear.

In addition, limited evening meals and goods appear as part of the popular "Orphans Night" which is currently accepting reservations, so let's go to the cafe and see.

For fair details please see this article, for goods please see this article.



Flashy Man Blossoming in Space

Price:¥850(tax inc.)

Pink Grapefruit & Tropical Soda


Appearing like a shining star shooting through space. The unbridled man of Tekkadan, Norba Shino, gallantly loves his friends and family while blazing through the battlefield.

An Unreachable Thought

Price:¥850(tax inc.)

Matcha Latte & Chocolate Ice Cream


A flower which hoped to bloom next to Akihiro. While that feeling wasn't conveyed now, a dream of someday being close. With a new partner similar to him.

Underneath It All, Strength

Price:¥850(tax inc.)

Salted Pistachios & Chocolate Ice Cream


Chad went from Human Debris to an accomplished leader within Tekkadan Earth Division. A sweet cup which would heal his worries secretly. Carry on with Tekkadan in the future as well.

GFC Members Only Menu

Meteor Float

Price:¥850(tax inc.)

Sparkling Lemonade & Lemon Sorbet


Shino created this refreshing pink special drink with lemon sorbet as a topping for the Meteor Unit! If you drink this you can be part of the Meteor Unit too!

Follow me!

Price:¥850(tax inc.)

Matcha Frappe / Three-color Dango・Senbei


Akihiro made this special drink for the 2nd unit of Tekkadan! Only those who have gone through heavy weight training can take this high calorie drink, you try and take it too.

Unfamiliar Hometown<Hometown>

Price:¥850(tax inc.)

Vanilla Chai


Name and face, Chad is reminded of a certain place on earth. If he drinks this cup, maybe he'll remember... No, it's fine that Mars is home.


GUNDAM Café Akihabara

[Location] Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Hanaoka-chō 1-1
[Access] JR Akihabara Station 1 minute on foot / Tsukuba EXP Akihabara Station 2 minutes on foot / Toei Shinjuku Iwamoto-chō 3 minutes on foot
[Opening time] 10:00-22:30


[Location] Ōsaka-fu, Suita-shi, Senribanpaku Park 2-1 Lalaport EXPOCITY

[Access] Osaka Monorail Banpaku Kinen Kouen 2 minutes on foot

[Opening time] 11:00-22:00