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September 28, 2018

READY FOR NEW BATTLE? The "Gundam Build Divers'" spin-off "GBWC" is finally comes to GUNDAM.INFO. The official page launched!


GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS GIMM&BALL'S WORLD CHALLENGE(GBWC)" is the spinoff novel series of "GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS". The handsome diver duo GIMM and BALL will challenge completely new GUNPLA made by the GBWC Japan champion.


Check out the short novels of their greatest and funniest adventures!


Confined inside GBN world accidentally, GIMM and BALL are going to have fierce battles against legend Gunplas in order to obtain golden-polycap, in order to log out from GBN.

Don't miss the brand new side story of GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS.

Ep.0 to Ep.1 will be released all at once, celebrating its launch on GUNDAM.INFO.


【Diver name:GIMM】

【Diver name:BALL】

Check out the official page for the latest episode and updates!