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November 5, 2018

Life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue Shines Golden! "Winter Season Limited 18-19 Ver. Light Up" 11/23 Start!

A monument of the "Gundam NT" motif also appears!

The winter season limited illumination of the "Life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue" at "DiverCity Tokyo Plaza" Festival Square in Odaiba, Tokyo will begin November 23, 2018 (Fri).


For this illumination, the Unicorn Gundam statue is lit in gold color, and at the feet are colorful LED lighting. In addition, a monument with an original emblem based on the motif from the November 30, 2018 (Fri) theatrical screening of "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" appears as well. The monument features a button gimmick that, when pressed, the Unicorn Gundam's psycho frame glows green, and for about a minute the LED lighting flashes through a rainbow of seven colors.


This can only be seen during this period, the amazing directed light-up area, let's go try it out.


▲When you press the monument's button gimmick, the Unicorn Gundam statue's psycho frame glows green! For about a minute, the LED lights around the legs change seven colors!



In addition, at Gundam Base Tokyo, you can enjoy the world of the new Universal Century saga work "Mobile Suit Gundam NT" in Mobile Suit Gundam NT World. At the Gundam Trailer Shop you can buy two products only sold here, "Lithium Ion Polymer Charger" and the second official guidebook "Life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue". Let's check them all out.



Life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue Winter Season Limited 18-19 Ver. Summary

【Event Period】

November 23, 2018 (Fri) ~ January 31, 2019 (Thu)



DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F Festival Square

(1-1-10 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo)

※Between the hours of 17:00 through 23:00 the "Winter Season Limited 18-19 Ver. Light-Up" will illuminate the statue


<Stage Schedule>

【Day Schedule】

Daily 11:00 / 13:00 / 15:00 / 17:00

"Unicorn Gundam Transformation"


【Night Schedule】

Daily 19:00~21:30

  • 19:00 Fly! Gundam 2017
  • 19:30 Mobile Suit Gundam UC Perfectibility
  • 20:00 Mobile Suit Gundam UC SPECIAL MOVIE Ver.2.0“Cage”SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Tielle
  • 20:30 Fly! Gundam 2017
  • 21:00 Mobile Suit Gundam UC Perfectibility
  • 21:30 Mobile Suit Gundam UC SPECIAL MOVIE Ver.2.0“Cage”SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Tielle

※ Times may change without prior notice.