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December 19, 2018

Gundam Cafe & Gundam Square "Iron-blooded Orphans Tekka Gathering Fair ~3rd Winter Uprising Meeting~" Begins December 20, 2018!

Let's get the aromatic candles and greeting cards!

The official Gundam cafe "Gundam Cafe" stores and Osaka's "Gundam Square" will host the "Iron-blooded Orphans Tekka Gathering Fair ~3rd Winter Uprising Meeting~" beginning December 20, 2018 (Thu).


At the fair, the "Tekkadan Winter Uprising" menu that comes with a cup, various food and drink menus, and "Aroma Candles" (total of 7 types) that can be purchased with either food or drink for an additional ¥864 (tax inc) appears. The fair drinks come with an "Original Greeting Card".


Different menus exist for the first part, last part, and entire time period, so let's go check out your favorite menus.


<Entire Period>December 20, 2018 ~ February 4, 2019 Offering Menu


Tekkadan Rice ~Winter Uprising Meeting~

Price:¥1,080(tax inc)

  • Bibimbap-styled rice plate

Training, maintenance, and real battles from morning to night, daily life goes by without noticing the changing seasons. With familial bonds formed in the face of danger, dreaming for the day when their daily struggles will finally bear fruit one day.

Tekkadan Winter Uprising Set

Price:¥1,800(tax inc)

  • Blue papaya pickles
  • Chicken ham rolls
  • Fried shrimp in sweet chili sauce
  • Purple sweet potato bean flavor
  • Comes with Tekkadan cup

An uprising meeting held by Tekkadan to fight this harsh winter. Of course this seat has been prepared for those of you who came today. Within the same meal setting as them, let us pray for health without sickness. And to return back here without fail, this is the cup of that promise.

The Secret Feast

Price:¥1,080(tax inc)

  • Taco Meat Doria

Atra secretly made this special menu for Mikazuki. Taking into account Mikazuki's likes and dislikes and presenting food familiar to him is also a display of love.

Sword of Reason <Tsurugi>

Price:¥1,296(tax inc)

  • Ribeye Steak, demiglace sauce, with baguette

For obligation and reason, the lovely girl who continued to wield her sword and became aware of the reality of the world. Awakening as a warrior, the opened road to glory is covered in steel thorns. Once you take that first step, you can never return, that is the way of battle.

Mikazuki ~Hunter<Barbatos> Eyes~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Hot honey yuzu lemon

That which I have, everything is what you gave me. This steel body, the place to where I should go, the things for that which I must do too. That's why I can't retreat even a single step. So that I can get everything. So that I can arrive. So that I don't stop.

Orga~Dream Once Seen~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Date & Violet

※Alcohol Level ★★★★★

※Can be changed to soda drink(Lychee Soda & Violet Jelly)

What could I have done. The struggles continue, the wandering continues, sometimes paying with sacrifices, I continued to run to this point. If this was right or wrong, no one tells us in this world. ── Where are we heading to.

Eugene~Succeeding the White Rainbow<Byakkou>~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Vodka & Grapefruit

※Alcohol Level ★★★★★

※Can be changed to soda drink(Gingerale & Muscat Jelly)

Asking for something you don't have yourself, continuing to chase, sometimes showing resistance too. Wanting simultaneously to be lined up with you. That's why I won't stop. ── I won't forget your words.

Shino~Laughing Leopard~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Guava & Pink Grapefruit Soda

Eat well, laugh well, work well. Everything is enjoyed "raw". Use the life you have been given to the fullest, and enjoy that life. That is the responsibility of those who have survived, and a prayer for companions who have gone. ── So protect it. No matter how things change.

Akihiro~Connecting Moments<Gushion>~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Black honey soy milk tea

Stolen, lost, used life. That is why, I feel gratitude for being able to rise from there. That is why, I share what has been given to me, even my name. Friends, family, siblings... ── Once you've grasped it, never let go.

The Flower Drawn One Day

Price:¥750(tax inc)

  • Chocolate cake cafe latte

I chose to walk this path. Laughing, crying, risking life I ran through the days, the name of "family" carved with a knife, engraved in my heart, the boy still runs through the fierce days of that youth. ── So that I never forget.

McGillis ~Look of the Devil~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Lychee jelly & yogurt

Bathing the body in a lie of a temperature, deceiving my own heart, the ostentatious young master. Time is full, held to my chest a dark flame unleashed, the devil who filled the empty container in his face, is it a smile or is it rage?

Gaelio ~ Tears of the Black Knight ~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Blueberry Yogurt

The traitor is injured, stained with shame, brought back for revenge, the glorious knight. The time is ripe, when the black knight regains his name and becomes aware of the truth, for whom will the tears flow?


Winter's Light

Price:¥540(tax inc)

  • Onion Gratin Soup

The cup of soup at the earth branch's camp fills the stomach. Leaving the hometown, to those who fight on far-off earth, a brief respite.

Gjallarhorn's Special Club Pizza

Price:¥680(tax inc)

  • Winter club pizza

Gjallarhorn soldiers feast on earth's abundant foods from the sea.

Mikazuki ~ The Wolf who Devoured the Sky ~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Coconut & mango juice
    When asked directly to the eyes, no one can lie about their own heart. It is vague like the moon shining on the water's surface, but reflects the nature of the heart of the viewer, it is to those clear eyes that questions are asked. ──Hey, what should be done next?

Orga ~ Message from the Leader ~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Strawberry jelly & violet soda

The fighting continues for our places. "Family" will be protected and connected. Countless things are gotten, sometimes lost, regardless you keep going. So you all──you understand even if I don't say anything?

McGillis ~ Masquerade of Loneliness ~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Pineapple jelly & pineapple juice

Donning a mask to keep hidden, like a buffoon he was tossed about. Even thus, is it not just an overture of the chaos that envelops the world?

Gaelio ~ The Reality of Scarface~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Violet jelly & butterfly pea

That which I wanted to hide, was it the hurt of shame or my own heart. The knight who should have sacrificed everything for revenge, when he sees the reality of his rival, a new world is unveiled in front of his eyes.

<Entire Period>Fair Drink Including Greeting Card

  • Available from December 20, 2018 ~ February 4, 2019


Mikazuki / Orga / Eugene / Akihiro / Shino / McGillis / Gaelio / Secret(2 types)


Mikazuki / Orga / McGillis / Gaelio / Secret(2 types)

※Image may not be selected

※No exchanges

※While supplies last

<First Period>December 20, 2018 ~ January 9, 2019 Offered Menu


The Flower that Blooms in Heaven

Price:¥1,080(tax inc)

  • Souffle roll cake with date

Filled with thoughts about family. The brilliant flower which is unleashed in the skies of winter, shines brightly forever and ever.

Forgettable Holy Night

Price:¥1,296(tax inc)

  • Steamed mussels with white wine with baguette

The humble banquet of McGillis and Almiria. "Someday I want to be a nice lady..." When will the pure wish of an innocent girl be granted.

Amida ~ Woman is the Sun ~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Vodka & cranberries
    ※Alcohol content ★★★
  • ※Can be changed to soda drink(Orange & cranberry)

I felt a burning love. I met a man with whom I could live a lifetime. Lots of love, giving, receiving, we shared a lot. I received something more important than anything else. That's why I will not lose, because you who gave me the best happiness exists.──I will go with you anywhere.

Naze ~ Bouquets to the Heart ~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Malibu & pineapple milk

※Alcohol content ★★★

※Can be changed to soda drink(Coconut & pineapple milk)

I like women. A woman who lights up her man like the sun. I like family. The important people worth defending. That's why I will teach you. To those of you who don't know the warmth of a family, the warmth of a woman──to you guys, a man's way of life.

Aston ~ Memories of a Smile ~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Orange jelly & calpis tonic

The darkness of space and the cockpit, from a life in only a corner of a spaceship, to a place where the sun shines. Warm food, a name, and friends, and days spent with "family". There's meaning within the days spent in battle, that's what I learned──from you, all of you.

Takaki ~ Another Family ~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Pear gingerale fruit punch

The place where I met another "family". The meaning of "strength", and a place that taught the sadness of loss. Because I realized the most important thing, I won't waver in my decision. I still remember that place.──That unforgettable pain within my chest.


Atra's Handmade Battlefield Snack

Price:¥600(tax inc)

  • Sweet potato and apple compote cream cheese sandwich

For long battles, supplies are important not just for the MS but for the pilot as well. The meals prepared by Atra for the pilots contain not only love but also a prayer to "please make sure to definitely return". If you eat this, please be sure to return again.

Kudelia ~At the Dawn of Mars~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Muscat jelly & cranberry juice

For our own cause we stepped on the thorny path. With the iron flowers that never fall, we pursued the day, and they will be the light that illuminates the way. ── Like the moon that pierces the clear night.

Atra~Welcoming the Dawn~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Banana milk tea

Everything started that day. That's why, I decided to continue no matter what happened. The things important to us, we protect, grow, and connect. ── That is my fight.

Almiria~Preparations for Love~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Mixed berries & white chocolate milk

Even while being pursued as a rebel, he promised his love to me. For women, it blooms greater than any flower bouquet, a sacred oath like no other.

Ein~If That Can Be Called Loyalty~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Blueberry black vinegar soda

To repay the debt of gratitude, pursuing through the days as a man on a mission, all of his body and soul were given, what did he lose, what did he gain.

<First Period>Greeting Cards included with Fair Drink

  • Available from December 20, 2018~January 9, 2019


Amida / Naze / Takaki / Aston


Kudelia / Atra / Almiria / Ein

※The same image as the fair drink ordered will be given.

※There are no exchanges.

※While supplies last.

<Second Period>January 10, 2019 ~February 4, 2019 Limited Menu


With Snow and Flower

Price:¥1,080(tax inc)

  • Panna cotta, marscapone ice cream, egg puff white parfait

The iron flowers bloom within the hearts of boys, no matter how many battles they are exposed to, or the hardships they face, they will never fall.

Looking Up at Mars

Price:¥1,296(tax inc)

  • Bouillabaisse style soup pasta

The earth's feast is the happiness born from the freshness of the sea. Are the earth branch members getting used to this taste?

Winter Gift of Montag Company

Price:¥1,080(tax inc)

  • Chocolate fondant

Chocolate from the Montag Company is used in this fondant. The picky boys of Tekkadan shouldn't have eyes for sweet things. Please have this winter snack.

Yamagi~Facing Forward~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Pineapple & ginger ale

That look on one's back is not to keep from forgetting, but because I want to remember. In exchange for the important things, I risked my life and arrived, the place where the sun shines, to live and strengthen the purpose, to obtain the purpose to live.──To feed the memories of that day

Rustal~Twilight of the Snake~

Price:¥810(tax inc)

  • Godfather

※Alcohol content ★★★★★+

※Can be changed to soda drink(Amaretto & Irish)

For the reason to do something, they do not mind dirtying their hands. Drinking the soiled best sake, the vessel which does not change a single color, is best to rule the world. Until the day that vessel is filled with emptiness and glory, the snake that takes the moon has not finished yet.


The Dreams that Two Distant People See

Price:¥680(tax inc)

  • Smore pizza

The vow of that day, he made me into a real lady. It's almost like the chocolate he gave me, sweet and bitter, like the taste of love.

Lafter~The Temperature of the Palm~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Rose Cocoa

Before I realized it, I was attracted. To that straight look. I hurried with my feelings. Not to forget, but to become a "good woman".──We will meet again, for that day.

Azee~Sailing to Tomorrow~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Cranberry & calpis soda

The reason I wear the same clothes is, I decided to take over everything. Family, work, and siblings, everything you left behind, I've inherited, led, and protected. This road without you. ──Along with the memories of our daily lives that we pursued.

Iok~ Watarigarasu no Satetsu~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Sangria cola

The failures, criticisms, ridicule, they aren't enough to stop that graceful walk. Shine brilliantly to the world, born as a champion, without losing that pride. Even if that conduct is arrogance and reckless.

Julieta~Gorgeous Julieta~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Green tea & white grape soda

Armor on the chest, sword in hand, raising the flag of the cause. A pretty warrior of the Gjallarhorn vanguard. For now, wield the blade for that which you believe in.

Isurugi ~ The Calm Warrior ~

Price:¥650(tax inc)

  • Salted caramel cafe latte

For the sake of the leader to whom loyalty is sworn, everything can be devoted without worry. This spirit and body are all for you and your ambition.

<Second Period>Greeting Cards Included with Fair Drink

  • Available from January 10, 2019 ~ February 4, 2019


Yamagi / Rustal


Lafter / Azee / Isurugi / Iok / Julieta

※Customers will be given the same image as the fair drink ordered.

※While supplies last.

■Aromatic Candle

  • 【Tekkadan(5 types in all)】※Selection and exchange are not allowed

Mikazuki / Orga / Eugene / Akihiro / Shino

Add ¥864 (tax inc) to the Tekkadan fair food or dessert and get it as part of a set!


  • 【Gjallarhorn(2 types in all)】※Choose the one you'd like

Fareed Family / Bauduin Family

Add ¥864 (tax inc) to the Gjallarhorn fair food or dessert and get it as part of a set!



※While supplies last.

Besides this, at Gundam Cafe Akihabara and Gundam Square, the very popular "Orphans Night" is currently being held. Original goods sales and limited menus have also appeared, so let's take this opportunity to visit Gundam cafe.



GUNDAM Café Akihabara

[Address] Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanda, Hanaoka 1-1
[Access] 1 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station
2 minute walk from TSUKUBA EXPRESS Akihabara Station
3 minute walk from Toei Shinjuku Line Iwamoto-cho
[Business Hours] 10:00am – 10:30pm

GUNDAM Café Odaiba
[Address] Tokyo, Koto, Aomi 1-1-10 DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F
[Access] 3 minute walk from Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport Station
5 minute walk from Yurikamome Line Daiba Station
[Business Hours] 10:00am – 9:00pm

[Address] Osaka, Suita, Senribanpakukoen 2-1 inside Lalaport EXPOCITY
[Access] 2 minute walk from Osaka Monorail Banpaku-kinenkoen Station
[Business Hours] 11:00am – 10:00pm