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May 28, 2019

"A.O.Z Re-Boot" Updated Today! Gundam TR-6 High Speed Combat Form "Haze'n-Thley II" Separation and Combination Mechanics Introduced!

"G Top Fighter" & "G Bottom Fighter" appear!

On the Dengeki Hobby Web, the currently popular comic series "A.O.Z Re-Boot Gundam・Inle -The Dream that the Black Rabbit Saw-" with official "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" side story illustrations and designs from Kenki Fujioka was updated May 28, 2019 (Tue).


This time, the mechanisms of the "Seperation and Combination Mechanism" of the high speed combat form of "Haze'n-Thley II" and each form is introduced. Let's go check it out.

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  • G Top Fighter

The separated upper body transformed into MA form. Has the ability of a high speed fighter, and including its mega particle cannons, a variety of weapons can be equipped with its interchangeable system.

  • G Bottom Fighter

The lower body is in transformed MA form, the leg can be used as a claw arm. Armed with a spread beam and beam saber, it can also use the tail thruster as an AMBAC limb to generate high mobility and motility.

Also, volumes 1 and 2 of "A.O.Z Re-Boot Gundam・Inle -The Dream that the Black Rabbit Saw-" are currently on sale.


In volume 2, along with the battle for Inle, region, Zeon Mars setting commentary, world commentary, and the lineage of Gundam TR-6 [Inle], position of TR-1 [Hazel], it includes "ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TR-1" which summarizes the relevance of everything. Let's check this out as well.


>>KADOKAWA "A.O.Z Re-Boot Gundam・Inle -The Dream that the Black Rabbit Saw II-"