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July 1, 2019

Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend × "Mobile Suit Gundam" Collaboration! Original Illustrated Poster Vol. 2 Release!

All 7 types of "Stage 3" will appear from July 2019!

The second original illustrated poster of the canned coffee "Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend" and "Mobile Suit Gundam" collaboration has been released on the "Collaboration Design Can" special page.


The "Original Illustrated Poster" will be awarded to 100 people (total of 400 people) by lottery to those who collect four or more of the "Collaborative Design Can" from each stage and enter the lottery from the special site.


The second round of entries will close July 31, 2019 (Wed) 23:59, so let's try and win one.


Also, the collaborative design can is divided into four stages until the end of August 2019, and sales will end once supplies are exhausted. Those who want one should try to get it early.


>> Georgia Campaign Site Here!



"Collaborative Design Can" Stage 3, Starts July 2019!


The "Collaborative Design Can" is designed around the One Year War of "Mobile Suit Gundam" and 25 mobile suits, and will be released in 4 stages until the end of August 2019.


From July, 7 types including Gouf Dom, and Gallop will appear.


Also, when purchasing the collaboration design can, enter the "campaign code" on the campaign site to get a chance to receive the "Limited Original Card" of the mobile suit on that can. Enjoy your very own collection!


■Stage 3 <July 2019 Release>

Blue Giant and Black Tri-Stars!! Out of the desert and into Odessa(7 Types)

  • Core Fighter(Ryu)
  • Gouf(Ramba Ral)
  • Gallop(Hamon)
  • G Fighter(Sayla)
  • Dom(Gaia)
  • Dom(Ortega)
  • Dom(Mash)

■Stage 4<August 2019 Release>

Zeon Raid!! Battle at Jabro(6 Types)

  • Gundam(Amuro)
  • Char's Z'Gok(Char)
  • Acguy(Akahana)
  • Gogg(Lasa)
  • Zock(Braskinev)
  • Z'Gok(Callahan)

※The "Collaborative Design Can" will appear in 185g and 170g sizes, and the release date varies depending on each design.

※170g can is not sold in Okinawa.




▼ "Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project" Official Site