September 02, 2019

Win "Georgia Original Gundam Goods" On the Spot Campaign, Starts Today at Vending Machines Nationwide!

Furthermore, 10,000 people will win an "Original Gunpla"!

The "Win with Georgia! Win Georgia Original Gundam Goods on the Spot Campaign" started September 2, 2019 (Mon). When you purchase eligible Georgia products from vending machines nationwide, you will have a chance to win a "Mobile Magnet" or "Mobile Sticker", with a total of 1.2 million people winning on the spot.


In addition, a "serial code" is enclosed with the prize, and if you enter it on an exclusive website, an "Original Gunpla" will be awarded to 10,000 people by lottery from the website.


The "Mobile Magnet" and "Mobile Sticker" prizes will end as soon as supply is exhausted, so those who want one, let's go get them quickly!


⇒ Georgia Official Site is here!



Campaign Summary

【Campaign Period】

September 2, 2019(Mon)~ ends as soon as prizes are all gone


【Original Gunpla Entry Period】

September 2, 2019(Mon)10:00~November 30, 2019(Sat)23:59


【For Inquiries About the Campaign】

Coca Cola Campaign Office

Toll Free Phone Number 0120-084-509


(Not open weekends, holidays, and New Years)


※Vending machines with posters for this campaign attached are eligible.

※Products with caps / stickers attached are winners.

※Prizes may vary depending on region. For details, please refer to the poster or sticker on the vending machine.

※Ends as soon as prizes are all gone.




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