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March 30, 2018

The “Hobby Japan May 2018 Issue” Now on Sale!

A special feature on DEEP STRIKER! There are also a variety of contents such as specialized Gunpla weathering techniques and more!

Hobby Japan May 2018

On sale March 24, 2018 (Sat)

Price: 900 yen (tax excluded)


Increase the Quality of Your Gunpla with Gunpla Paint Weathering!

These past few years, groundbreaking materials useful for weathering have been created one after another and include tools such as “Mr. Weathering Color”, “TAMIYA Weathering Master”, and “Premium Top Coat”. That wave was not only limited to the original field of AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicles) scale models, but now even character models and Gunpla, which makes up more than half of those models, are experiencing the surge of those waves.

Therefore, this month we will introduce weathering as well as weathering specialized for Gunpla. We have also invited professional modelers from the scale model world to weather Gunpla with all of the techniques and wisdom they know.

Now, you, too, should come into the captivating world of Gunpla weathering!






“MSA-0011 [Bst] PLAN303E DEEP STRIKER”, a configuration of the “MSA-001 S GUNDAM” that appears in the magazine series Gundam Sentinel, was released as a product commemorating the 200th release of the Master Grade (MG) series and as a mark of Gundam Sentinel’s 30th anniversary.

The person that will tackle this large model, who is also a natural at handling large kits, is SSC. While making the best use of the kit’s form, he will build the kit while focusing on increasing the details of its parts and enhancing its denseness. He then completes the build in a way that is meant to emphasize the fact that it is a large model.





<Feature 3>Gustav strikes back Tamiya's Messerschmitt Bf109G-6

If you don’t make Messer now, what’re you going to do!?


“Messerschmitt Bf109G-6” is a main fighter aircraft of the German air force that defended the army during the middle to final stages of World War II. Those great efforts had been supported by a great number of aces and has charmed the hearts of model fans with its varied and colorful markings. Many kits have been released by each model manufacturer due to that very popularity.

TAMIYA will finally join that list. This product is a wonderful model that does not shame the reputation of the company’s Masterpiece series due to the research of existing aircrafts in Finland and the incorporation of high quality gimmicks into the model.




Kill la Kill Ryuko Matoi Hot Spring Ver.

Kill la Kill Satsuki Kiryuin Hot Spring Ver.



The newest addition to the super popular “Hot Spring” figure series is Kill la Kill!

The sisters Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin from the popular anime Kill la Kill will be introduced into the lineup.

The shyly blushing Ryuko and Miss Satsuki, boldly revealing her beautiful body, have been made three-dimensional with expressions distinctive to figures.

These products have also been recreated with non-figure-like silky skin thanks to the special Smooth Skin process newly developed by the AMAKUNI brand. They are figures that are both fun to look at and to touch.

This time, a “Hot Spring Sisters Set” has also been prepared at a more affordable price when purchasing both figures together as a set. Definitely please welcome both girls to your collection.






The super popular RPG Persona 5, which will also begin airing as a TV anime in April, is the latest work to be introduced into the AMAKUNI figure series!

The third installment in this series is Makoto Niijima. The figure is an ambitious product that has brought Makoto dressed in her phantom thief outfit and Johanna, the giant bike-type Persona that she drives, to life in figure-form.

To put it simply, the quality of Johanna, created by paying special attention to its details, is beyond stunning! Definitely please check its large build that extends a total length of 26cm with your own eyes!


©TRIGGER・Kazuki Nakashima / Kill la Kill Production Committee
©SEGA All rights reserved.



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