2018.06.02 (SAT)

The June 2018 Issue of Model Graphix Goes on Sale Today!

MG Wing Gundam Zero (Endless Waltz Edition) Debuts in “Gunpla Hakkenden”!


Model Graphix July 2018 Issue


On Sale May 25, 2018

MSRP: 743¥ (tax not included)





It has been 23 years since the birth of the Master Grade (MG) series. Over these 23 years, the opportunities to innocently stare at a 1/100 scale standard Gunpla, excitedly wondering “Hm, I wonder if so-and-so will be the next model released…!” have all but disappeared. However, with the announcement of the release of the MG Deep Striker, public excitement has been restored once again! The weight of this information may still be too much to take in, but the MG series is celebrating their almost-impossible feat of releasing 200 different models. Truly a historic achievement! If anyone has any ideas on how to use this kit to make a commemorative piece, do let us know!



Ganya Morimoto’s Gunpla Hakkenden Has its 56th Appearance!


GUNDAM.INFO’s highly acclaimed serial “report manga” SD Gundam iNfO, written by Ganya Morimoto, is a segment here that is always introducing different Gunpla into manga form. The 56th entry introduces MG Wing Gundam Zero (Endless Waltz Edition).