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June 26, 2018

The “Monthly Gundam Ace August 2018 Issue” Now on Sale!

A magnificent opening to “Gundam Build Divers Break”! “Gundam F89” designed by Kunio Okawara appears on the cover!

Gundam Ace August 2018

On sale June 26, 2018
Special Price: 700 yen (tax included)

  • A New Serialization! Gundam Build Divers Break
    Art: Gensui Shiitake / Scenario: Ryoji Sekinishi / Character Design: Kazuhiro Hara / Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase, Kanetake Ebikawa

    The official spinoff that will depict the hidden side of the anime’s main story with Break Decals and Mass Divers! Friendship and hostility; the bonds of the two will break!

    What happened in the shadows of that battle? The official spinoff comic has magnificently begun!

  • Congrats! An Extra-Large Issue For The Magazine’s 17thAnniversary! “Gundam F89” Designed By Kunio Okawara!

    A contribution to Gundam Ace’s 17thanniversary and the release of DUSTVolume 5! “Gundam F89” has been drawn by Mr. Okawara himself and appears on the front cover!

  • Gundam Ace 17thAnniversary Project I: Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack– A Special Interview with Director Yoshiyuki Tomino

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack
    ’s 4K ULTRA HD Blu-ray (UHD) has been released in commemoration of its 30thanniversary since theatrical debut. How does the person that produced Char’s Counterattacksee this work? We asked Director Yoshiyuki Tomino directly for answers about his movie review as well as the progress on Gundam Reconguista in G.

    Furthermore, we also had an extra talk with Q-Tec, the video production company in charge of the UHD release, Mr. Koichi Tokita, and Uroaki Sabishi. What is UHD Char’s Counterattackseen from the unique point of view of its author?

  • A Voting Survey of Your Favorite HG Gunpla! Expected!? Drama!? A Huge Announcement of the Results!!

    An unexpected (!?) list of models amongst expected results! The results of the ranking is one that proves once more that the charms of Gunpla lie in the fact that “your #1” will exist in as many kits as there are (in existence).

  • Mobile Suit MOON Gundam
    Story: Harutoshi Fukui, Art: Takayuki Kosai, Mechanical Design: Ippei Gyobu
    Gundam x Varguil!? The place that they are heading towards to get Mineva out is…!?

  • Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: DUST
    Art: Yuichi Hasegawa / Original Story: Yatate Hajime & Yoshiyuki Tomino / Design Collaboration: Shinichi Miyazaki
    The past overwhelms Ash--

  • Mobile Suit Gundam Valpurgis
    Art: Hiyon Katsuragi / Writing: Reiji Kaito
    Luchia worries… At that time, Mashiro…!? The place that Mashiro is at is an old castle!? OVER.ON will then awaken! Don’t miss out until the end!



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