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September 26, 2018

The “Monthly Gundam Ace November 2018 Issue” Now On Sale!

Includes “HG Long Rifle”, a Gunpla extra commemorating the sale of “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam” Volumes 1 and 2!

Gundam Ace November 2018

On sale September 25, 2018 (Tues)
Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)

  • Volume 1 and 2 Release at the Same Time! Mobile Suit MOON Gundam Story: Harutoshi Fukui, Art: Takayuki Kosai, Mechanical Design: Ippei Gyobu

The Moon-Moon collapse crisis… Now, the strange devil <Gundam> awakens!! A Takayuki Kosai autograph signing is also set to be held on October 7th (Sun)!


  • Commemorating HG Moon Gundam’s Release! “Harutoshi Fukui, Takayuki Kosai, and Ippei Gyobu in BANDAI HOBBY CENTER”!

These three guests will visit Japan’s only Gunpla factory! This time, we’ll be infiltrating the staff areas and production line that normally cannot be entered! They will be joined by Mr. Daisuke Kobayashi, previously a designer for Gundam, and supervisor Mr. Yutaka Goto to hold a five-person discussion on kit development!


  • HG Long Rifle: A Gunpla Bonus in Commemoration of Mobile Suit MOON Gundam’s Publication!

The charms of the popular release “HG Moon Gundam” and “HG Long Rifle”, this issue’s bonus item, will be reviewed here!

We’ll also be holding a Long Rifle Gunpla Photo Gran Prix! Equip the “HG Long Rifle” to your Gunpla and post any cool, cute, or interesting photos onto Twitter! The photos that are chosen will be published in Gundam Ace!


  • Gundam Build Divers Break
    Art: Gensui Shiitake / Scenario: Ryoji Sekinishi / Character Design: Hiro Harakazu / Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase, Kanetake Ebikawa

What appeared before Arc as he battles the Mass-Divers is—this is chapter 4 of this super popular serialization! This will be the first reveal of the new MS model sheet for “Gundam Zerachiel” by Mr. Takayuki Yanase!


  • Congrats! One-Year Serialization! Mobile Suit Gundam Valpurgis
    Art: Hiyon Katsuragi, Writing: Reiji Kaito

The stage is a facility on the moon… Who on earth is the group observing Mashiro and the others’ movements? What stands before Mashiro, who searches for the mystery behind himself while shackled, is—

A project commemorating the release of Mobile Suit Gundam Valpurgis titled “I Think! The MS Made By Scirocco Mass Contest” has also been announced!


  • Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: DUST
    Art: Yuichi Hasegawa, Original Story: Hajime Yatate & Yoshiyuki Tomino, Design Collaboration: Shinichi Miyazaki

The two facing one another… they were once teacher and student! The secret weapon concealed by Ash, who lost his way attacked by his fear, and Jean is… Volume 6 is set to release October 26th (Fri)!

An interview with Yuichi Hasegawa will be published in commemoration of “METAL BUILD CROSSBONE GUNDAM X1” being released as a figure! We’ll talk with Mr. Hasegawa about the new “bird mecha” gimmick and his thoughts on this product that he himself had a hand in creating!


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