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October 26, 2018

"Monthly Gundam Ace December 2018 Issue" Released Today!

"Mobile Suit Moon Gundam" Moon Gundam has launched! Interview with "Build Divers" director Watada released!

Monthly Gundam Ace December 2018 Issue

October 26, 2018 (Fri.) Street Date
Special price:¥700(tax inc.)

  • "Mobile Suit Gundam MSV-R Johnny Ridden's Return" Manga: Ark Performance / Mechanical Designer: Kunio Okawara / Original: Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino

Hidden within the reefs lurks the Chimera's headquarters "The Garden of Thorns". The latest comics chapter 17, now on sale!

  • "Mobile Suit MOON Gundam" Story: Harutoshi Fukui, Art: Takayuki Kosai, Mechanical Design: Ippei Gyubu

Carrying the moon on its shoulders, the giant <Moon Gundam> finally begins! Comics volumes 1 and 2, on sale now!


In "MOON GUNDAM MECHANICAL WORKS" Vol. 12, "AMS-123X Vargill (Gundam Head & Psycho Plate Equip)" appear!


  • "Mobile Suit Gundam Valpurgis" Manga: Hiyon Katsuragi / Writer: Reiji Kaito

    A shuttle lands at Granada on the moon, and one lone man steps foot on the ground. New chapter Granada! A mysterious Neo Zeon figure related to Scirocco enters the battle!


  • "Mobile Suit Gundam UC Bande Dessinee Episode : 0" Story: Harutoshi Fukui, Serialization: Kozo Omori, Original Character Designer: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Mechanical Designer: Katoki Hajime, Original: Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino


The dreams that couldn't be achieved. And then prayer. Where is the soul of a person reborn... Episode 0 Final Chapter!

  • "Gundam Build Divers Break" Manga: Shiitake Gensui / Scenario: Kansai Ryouji / Character Design: Harakazu Hiro / Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase, Kanetake Ebikawa

Going forward with the GBN, a new force appears! New character & MS appears! A huge 40 pages!


  • "Gundam Build Divers" Interview with Director Shinya Watada Released!

The final episode comes full circle. The feeling of the work changed a lot from "Gundam Build Fighters Try" but the director dedicated to keeping the idea of "I want to keep it a hobby-related work". 25 episodes into the broadcast, we look back and ask about the production of the series.


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