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March 25, 2019

"Monthly Hobby Japan May 2019 Issue" Released Today!

"Sunrise Robot Retsuden" has been completely revived! Other great features as well!

Monthly Hobby Japan April 2019 Issue

March 25, 2019(Mon)Release

Price:¥900(tax exc)



<Feature> Sunrise Robot Retsuden 2019


For three times since the May 1991 issue, "Sunrise Robot Retsuden" has gained popularity. In the final year of Heisei, Spring 2019, a brand new renewal begins. Starting with Max Watanabe's Dunbine, works from the 80s such as Scopedog, Vifam, Brain Powerd, Big O, Raideen Armor, and Ryujinmaru, and robots since the 90s such as Lancelot (mecha as well) will be covered (of course there are so many works which could not all be introduced this time, but those will be covered in the future). Special talks with director Ryosuke Takahashi and mechanical designer Kunio Okawara, a history of the nostalgic Clover Toy, and other items are featured as well. Let's enjoy the joys of the Sunrise robot history together!



Fate / Grand Order Caster / Nitocris


From "Fate/Grand Order" the incarnation of the child of sky god Horus, Caster / Nitocris appears as a figure!






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