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August 26, 2019

"Monthly Gundam Ace October 2019 Issue" Released Today!

"Johnny Ridden's Return" 100th serialization anniversary! Also a big feature on "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE"!

Monthly Gundam Ace October 2019 Issue

August 26, 2019(Mon)Release

Price:¥720(tax inc)

  • 100th Serialization Issue! "Mobile Suit Gundam MSV-R Johnny Ridden's Return"!
  • Manga:Ark Performance, Mechanical Design: Kunio Okawara, Original: Yoshiyuki Tomino, Original Story: Hajime Yatate

    With this issue's 100th serialization, the story behind the series as heard from two people at Ark Performance is published. With the large amount of 5 pages, they discuss things such as the mechanics that appear. Also, the next issue supplement commemorates the 101th & 19th volume release! A "Johnny" special booklet is also included, so don't miss this either!


  • Release Begins October 2019! "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" Feature!

Gundam official YouTube channel Gundam Channel will feature the upcoming release of "Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE" starting October 10, 2019 (Thu). In addition to the characters and mechanics that appear, a 3 page interview with producer Takuya Okamoto is also included. The "difference" from previous works is discussed.


  • Tankobon Fourth Volume September 26, 2019 Release! "Mobile Suit Gundam Valpurgis"

Manga: Hiyon Katsugari, Script: Reiji Kaito, Original Story: Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino

What is the Messala Glashtyn that suddenly appeared in front of Over.on...?

Mashiro can't hide his surprise! This is the true form of Messala!?


  • Latest 13th Volume of Comics Released! "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 REBELLION"

Manga:Masato Natsumoto / Original:Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino / Cooperation:Sunrise / Concept Advisor:Takashi Imanishi

Control ship, destroyed! Solar System II crushed!! Nobody can stop the colony anymore... ――What did Nina find!?


  • Comics 8th Volume Released! "Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam DUST"

Manga:Yuichi Hasegawa / Original:Hajime Yatate・Yoshiyuki Tomino / Design Cooperation:Shinichi Miyazaki

The only way that Ash found... Is... To take the colony to Earth... For that unprecedented plan, people are―― Dust's Counterattack begins!!


  • Latest 7th Volume Released! "Char's Daily Life"

Manga:Namboku / Script:Masaya Honda

Nishi goes to the park for an athletic meet...! And, Lalah and Amuro end up encountering each other――!


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